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Dharma in sync with nature

Yog is to be one with nature. In this sense, anything that follows the code of nature is in yog. Suppose we observe the things around us, say a tree...

Green leaves, branches spreading far and wide, fruits and flowers, a tall thick trunk and roots that run deep into the ground -- that's what we would expect to see. Now, if one were to imagine a tree devoid of these attributes, would it still be called a tree? Why doesn't a tree (even in our imagination) exist without these attributes? This is because each of these individual traits is indispensable for the tree to perform its dharma.

A tree withstands the vagaries of nature – storms, downpours and floods – to protect the flora, fauna and soil. A tree provides for those around it – animals, birds and insects with food and shelter, as nurturer and healer. A tree purifies the air around it, binds the soil together, participates in causing rain, a tree decomposes to enrich the earth and it befriends the environment. The tree imbi…