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Dhyan Foundation Yoga Retreat

Dhyan Foundation Yoga Retreat
2nd-4th December, New Delhi
As part of its commitment to share the gift of Yog with all those who seek, Dhyan Foundation* organised a Yoga Retreat from 2nd-4th December, 2010. Set in the clean and green environs of TERI campus, the 3-day Yoga Retreat was truly unique and saw seekers from all over the world make full use of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn Yoga from the Master Himself, Yogi Ashwini.  A modern Living Master, any opportunity to interact with Yogi Ashwini is one full of surprises and marked by unforgettable experiences. The recently concluded Yoga Retreat was no different. By the time a modest seeming 3-day Retreat neared consummation, participants had experienced realms that were well and truly beyond time and space, something that truly surpassed any expectations they might have had.The mornings hosted special chants and invocations followed by vitalising Asana sessions to prepare for the afternoon and evening sessions with Yogi …