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Journey of the soul

Soul is a unique pranic frequency. In unmanifested form it exists as part of Para Brahma, just as salt exists in ocean. Only when it desires a certain experience or a set of experiences does it choose to go through the cycle ofkarmas, birth and death. The basic reason or the root cause of the soul separating from the source is ego that recognises one’s existence as an individual. The ancients called it “asmita”, or “I”. This was the first step we took when we separated ourselves from the Divine Consciousness, which is Sukshma-iti-Sukshma, subtlest of the subtle, the unmanifested.
Ego led the soul to realise that it is an individual and so came into existence the jeevatma. The individual consciousness combined with chitta formsjeevatma. Chitta or chetna is all pervading and resides in each one of us asbuddhi. Buddhi is unlimited mind. It has the potential to become once again unlimited from the limited but it remains shadowed by manas the sheath, which blurs its vision, which provides l…

Detachment Is Key To Life

by Yogi Ashwini
We all know that we come in this world alone and go back alone. We will not be accompanied by anyone, no matter how close or dear we are to them, or they to us. Pause a minute and think: A majority of our problems stem from our near and dear ones. That is, relatives, immediate family, enemies and friends, not from someone unknown. You will also find that the rootcause of arguments, fights, emotional turmoil, congestions, broken relationships and business losses are also these very people. So it is safe to conclude that for the greater part of our lives we get troubled, not by absolute strangers but by people who are known to us.
Your relationship with every individual is a result of one basic principle — as you sow so shall you get. It is a mere give and take. This give and take is a payback of our karma from our previous births and from this lifetime. You get associated with people because they need something from you and you need something from them too. Without any l…