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Should spiritual leaders take to politics?

Science of the spirit or spirituality is a practical and experiential; there is no ambiguity in it. A spiritual practitioner does not leave anything, as yoga does not have any rituals lifestyle or diet...Yog sets you free. On the other hand it is said in your initial years of practice you try and indulge in whatever that you desire, but holding the hand of your guru. It is said that what is not good for you will automatically leave you, your desires would be fulfilled and you shall go beyond your five senses to higher senses; to a much more happier peaceful and satisfying state, a state unperceived by the five basic senses hence cannot be explained to a basic human being with just five active senses.

Anybody who is joining politics wearing saffron obviously is at an initial stage of the practice and is trying to collect power (physical); definitely not the signs of a Yog guru. The role of the media becomes very important here as today the pen is mightier than the sword...if the media …