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Yoga - Of Yoga and Yugas...

The Vedic culture was conceived thousands of years back by the vedic masters who had a direct connection with the creator. This gyan was documented by Rishi Vyas at the beginning of kalyug, approximately 5000 years back. Respect for creation and everything within it and beyond it, is characteristic of Indian culture. Our Vedic ancestors were descendents of Herculean beings who not only gave the world the knowledge of the material world but also the etheric world. Any serious practitioner of the subject of spiritual sciences would clearly see the devolution of mankind, which was anticipated by the Vedic Rishis hence they gave to the world tools as per the anticipated capacity of the beings who would inhabit this planet at different points of time - poetry, art, romance, economics, medicine, physics, chemistry, dance, music..........peace; you name it and they gave it.

Creation began from stillness, in the opening yug, In Satyug, the beings were highly evolved and had comp…

Importance of a Guru

By Yogi Ashwini

I am often asked why one cannot read all the Vedas and other books available and evolve? Why does one need a Guru? People often say, “I cannot bow before another man”. Such questions and thoughts, asked so very frequently, made me write about the Guru in great detail.
To grasp what is a Guru imagine that the sadhak is a piece of very hot stone and that ultimate knowledge is like ice. If this ice melts and falls straight on the sadhak, the body of the sadhak would crack with the force and sudden change in temperature. The Guru is the force that holds this ice cold water and very gently pours it on the sadhak’s body — very gently the sadhak begins to cool and ultimately becomes as cold as the ice, now he is also a Guru. Sir John Woodroffe, a famous tantrik from the West, impressed me greatly with his works, especially the ones in which he has explained, with quotes from various authorities, the Guru. The following paragraphs echo some of his views and are dedicated to this…

The law of karma

This universe is a balance of positive and negative forces. Everything in the universe, all the laws are circular in movement. Whatever we do comes back to us, either in this or in another form and life.

Every action of ours whether positive or negative releases a force in the universe i.e. whatever we do has to come back to us. But unlike the Newton’s law, the reaction can be greater or lesser and not necessarily equal. This depends on the capacity and the level of subtleness of the action and the level of subtleness of the event or person against whom the action has been performed.

Greater the subtleness, higher will be the magnitude of the reaction. While the time gap in the action and reaction depends on the level of consciousness of the person. Higher the level of consciousness lesser is the time gap and lower the consciousness level, longer is the time.

When a person is born in a rich family it is believed that previous good karmas are responsible for the pleasur…

What a Yog Guru is not...

"There are millions across the globe who are pulled towards yoga. In the last twenty years, I have interacted with a sizeable number from among them. However, very few have managed to stick on. Given the ‘dropout rate’, I would suggest that each yoga enthusiast must ask himself/herself before venturing into Yog - what is it that they are looking for? Depending on the answer they get, they need to choose whom to approach. In the rarest of the rare cases would the need arise to come to a Yog Guru. For the rest, here are the more ‘viable’ options that must NOT be confused with a Yog Guru.

(Note - This is not an exhaustive list, but covers the more sought after ones. It has been prepared so that you may save your precious time by making the right choice. )

Astrologers - While astrology is a precise science based on calculations and like in mathematics, a 2*2*2 would always be an 8. The twist comes in the various versions of that 8 that one gets to hear on approaching different astrolo…

Sanatan Kriya- A Complete action

Sanatan Kriya is an assimilation of ancient sciences and philosophies as were given by the Vedic rishis sixteen thousand years ago, designed specifically to suit the lifestyle of modern man.

It is a measure to stop exploitation of the gullible at hands of sly businessmen selling Yog for personal gains. This one-hour kriya has four parts to it, namely, basic joint rotations, chakra santulan pranayam, paanch mahaprana dhyan and dhyan with Guru.

So what does the kriya do? Just carefully observe the name 'Sanatan Kriya', complete action. It encompasses in totality whatever needs to be done in this entire janam - yam, niyam, asana, pranayaam, pratyahar, dhaarna, dhyan, samadhi. A practitioner of Sanatan Kriya is on the path of Yog, which leads to only one state- that of ananda or complete bliss.

To attain this, a being has to overcome hurdles called experiences - each experience being a new salvation, taking him a step forward from where he was. Everyday I encounter seekers with p…

Myths about spirituality

In today’s modern-day world the study of spiritual science has been confused with certain religions or sects that are prevalent. A major myth about spirituality is that people tend to think it as a part of a religion. Religion is a code of conduct prescribed by certain highly evolved souls who have taken birth in the world at a time when they were needed for the benefit of mankind. A particular group of people following a specific religion is actually following a way of life or a code of conduct and certain practices for its upliftment. No religion can be judged or commented upon by a human being. This domain belongs to the Almighty. Spirituality and religion cannot be equated or compared.
Another major myth about spirituality is that listening to discourses of evolved people and spending time with them would lead to salvation. In the world of the spirit, it means to take us to the subtlest layer of our “ether”. It is definitely possible but the possibility is a very remote one. Becaus…

what is yoga?

Unravelling the mystery of ageing with yoga

Yogi Ashwini from Delhi believes that yoga means integration of the mind and body with the universe and one can be in the moment without actually meditating. In conversation with NT BUZZ he shared his thoughts on yoga, positive thinking and his new book on anti-ageing
Ageing may be a natural process, but it is in our hands to control it. This is possible with the help of yoga and ayurveda. But, if you thought yoga is only about asanas then think again for according to Delhi-based yoga guru, Yogi Ashwini you are mistaken.
He is of the opinion that, “There are no asanas in yoga. It is all about connection or integration of all aspects of the mind with the body.”
He is now ready with his latest book, ‘Sanatan Kriya - The Ageless Dimension’ that will speak about issues of ageing and remedies to arrest it. He says, “We are the reflection of one cell. The day the baby is born and takes its first breath, the process of ageing sets in. Every breath results in the production of energy and the …

The unconventional Yogi Ashwini

Yoga gurus are usually associated with long saffron robes, flowing beards and a Spartan lifestyle. But the same is not so with unconventional Yogi Ashwini. His disciples refer to him as "the guiding light of Dhyan Foundation" which has centres in nearly 30 cities around India as well as in the US, UK and Germany. The foundation says it wants to extend yoga knowledge to the people for free and claims that it is run on voluntary contributions of its volunteers who range from businessmen to doctors and engineers.

On his visit to Goa to make people aware of the true yoga particularly the Sanatan Kriya, the yogi believes that "Yoga is a science. It is an interaction with creation, and is not a religion." "Yoga does not ban anything. I have experienced everything there is to experience," Speaking to STOI, the yogi was critical of the commercialization of yoga. "There are a lot of people fooling people in the name of yoga. It is very easy to wear robes, grow a…

Yogi Ashwini- A rare blend of the real and ethereal, of the modern and the ancient and a personification of Vedic knowledge

In the age of (mis)information, a Yogi becomes an author to change the mass mindset about Yoga.
A self-realized soul or Yogi does not have to be an author but under exceptional circumstances. Yogi Ashwini is one such author. 
A rare blend of the real and ethereal, of the modern and the ancient and a personification of Vedic knowledge, He has been driven to writing by the sheer concern over the popular myths about yoga. 
As He looks at it, popular interpretation and misunderstanding of the subject are bad enough. But He is even more pained at the exploitation-- both commercial and sexual-- in the name of Yoga and the other ancient spiritual sciences of India.
That this is happening in the age of information makes it rather ironical. For example, you just have to type the word, “Tantra”, on the net to get scores of thousands of websites that link this great Indian system of knowledge to sex. In reality, it is the ultimate formula for liberation from the limiting five senses and into the sub…

Heads of more than 190 countries are currently meeting at Durban to discuss action to be taken on the climate change issue. What advice would you offer to governments and individuals on how to live in harmony with the environment?

"The environment is nothing but a reflection of an individual at the micro level and the entire society at a macro level. What we think manifests. That is the principle behind the theory of collective  consciousness, which translated at the level of a normal man amounts to democracy ie voting for your favourite candidate, (environment in this case), the problem being here that we have voted for selfishness and are stiffing ourselves... so is the environment. There has been more pollution on the planet in the last 100 years than it has been in the last 4,000 years; the last 40 years have been worst. It's interesting to see that these last 100 years have witnessed: a] Industrial revolution, which amounts to produce more artificial products on the basis of innovation, depleting the scarce resources of the planet further, polluting the air and water and creating more waste. b] Green revolution, which amounts to increasing the chemical input of the agriculture sector resulting in …

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