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Aura in a World of Logic

The world of the spirit starts where logic ends. Though logic, in the modern world, is the ultimate test of reason and the pinnacle of intelligent thought, minds on a higher plane see logic as ‘lower intelligence’, limited by the boundary of reason which is further restricted by limitations of the individual’s buddhi.
This probably explains why every school of spiritualism emphasises experience over analysis and also why the overtly questioning mind chatters incessantly only at the peripheries of the spirit-kingdom, seldom able to penetrate its core. However, since the current world understands only the tongue of logic, we shall try to understand the aura in this context.
All bodies emit heat radiation or vibrations - this is a logical explanation of what auras are and why they are constant or changing. A lot of ‘scientific studies’ and ‘photographing’ of physical auras have been done in the West. It has been called the human atmosphere ‘force field’, ‘bio-energy’ and so on. The fundamental substance of which the aura is composed of is best described by the Sanskrit term, prana.
Prana is a deep subject; but for our present purposes, let’s understand it as the vital force which is the basis of all life. The colours of our mental states are manifested in the pranic substance of our auras just as the colours of chemicals are seen in water.

Logically, we can say that these colours are regulated at seven energy centres of the body called the chakras. Each of the chakras - namely Mooladhar, Swadhishthan, Manipoorak, Anahat, Vishuddhi, Agya, and Sahastrar - vibrate at a particular colour frequency. Any imbalance that stays for too long becomes chronic and manifests as an ailment in the physical body. Sanatan Kriya rids the body of imbalances at the level of aura, preventing them from manifesting as disease in the body. What the clairvoyant sees is the aura or chakra imbalances which are visible as the shade of the colour being too dark or colours other than the chakra’s own colour manifesting. Considerations like which shade is mixing with the natural colour, in what proportion, the positioning, the luminosity, etc. all determine the state of the being.

Read about one of its kind demonstration of Clairvoyance at the Indian Medical Association-


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