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Finding The Core


The universe is constantly expanding; modern scientists validate this fact. In the beginning, you were a part of that param shakti. But as time moves on, as a result of this expansion, you are drifting away from it. With every passing moment, you are moving away from the place you came from. You are constantly going away from your core, your truth.
This is evident if you take a look at the youth of today?weak eyesight, frail bodies, disease, lack of direction, addiction to machines and an artificial life. Just two or three generations ago, people had much stronger bodies. They did not take too many pills. Today, we have developed health supplements, we claim that quality of food has improved, various equipment and machines have been developed to keep one healthy, yet good health eludes us.
Before the British conquest of India, there existed a local cure for smallpox in India. Imperialists who wanted to promote their vaccinations suppressed the use of this local cure. As a result, few million children died of small pox. Recently, it was in news that the polio vaccine that is being administered on a mass scale in the country is causing paralysis in children. Despite all the advancements, people’s health is deteriorating and so is their condition. Which means the truth is moving away from us.
Rishi Markandeya told us that as time progresses, every new stage will be worse than the previous, and the specialty of the last phase of kaliyug will be that yog gurus will start selling yog and that will render it ineffective. Seeing them, others will also join in to sell it in the market under new names. Nobody would understand what is being sold or bought and yet it would be happening. And at that time the few who will be defending yog and vedas would be laughed at. It is these few who will become the rishis in the new yug.
The only way to carve your way back to the core is through practice of yog and Sanatan Kriya. Everything else is an unending cycle, taking you further away from the ultimate reality with every passing moment, rendering you weaker and older than before.
Yogi Ashwini is the Guiding Light of Dhyan Ashram

Published Date:  Jun 27, 2012


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