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Guru Gyan

A Guru is not a teacher, as there is nothing to be taught, everything has to be experienced individually; nor a margdarshak (a guide) because what is poorna and what is inside you, what will be the path to that? A Guru is a shakti (energy) which needs to be accessed by the shishya and once that energy is accessed the experiences follow, which indicate that you have found your Guru. Let me explain this with an example. Guru is like a socket and shishya like a plug. Once the plug is inserted into the socket the electricity has to flow. 

When you do ek tattva nirantar abhyas then it is the responsibility of Gurus shakti to make you experience that what is your first desire. Each one of us is bound by our basic desires, so fulfilment of the basic desires of a human happen first. Someone's desire is to look good, somebody wants a financial gain, or solving a relationship problem. But you do not go to a Guru for all these, these are only a by-product of the force of Guru. They happen when you are focussed and if you are walking on the path told by your Guru.

The purpose of Guru shakti is not solving your business or emotional problems or curing diseases, for these there are consultants and doctors or vaids. The purpose of Guru is gyan for the shishya and to take him/her beyond. In today's material world, a lot of spiritual shops have opened up, and like every shop-keeper their motive is profitThey will lure you with false promises and innovative solutions to keep their businesses running. Always remember, the one who is himself tied in maya can never release you from the bondage of maya, which is the ultimate purpose of yog. A Guru is beyond the physical, he does not desire anything in the physical world and yet he can get anything with just one thought. A Guru exudes what he talks, he radiates the phenomenal glow and attraction associated with the state.
Sanatan Kriya delves into the deeper aspects of Guru-shishya relationship and puts you on the path of evolution. A Guru shows you your truth so that you start walking on the path to improve it, or in other words start evolving. So when you meet your Guru, first you get hurt because you have to learn to walk and learning to walk is a personal experience. For example, when a mother teaches a child to walk she holds hand of the child and then at a time she lets go the hand. The child falls and gets hurt. If the mother keeps him in the lap all the time, will he ever learn to walk? If she fulfils all his desires and makes everything available to him in the lap, then the child will become obese. His senses will not develop. Till the time he does not walk, he will not fall and till the time he does not fall, he will not learn to stand up again and till the time he doesn’t know how to stand up again, he will not be able to run. This is the purpose of the Guru and not what is happening these days. 

When you fall and get hurt, that is Guru kripa because the next time you will not fall in the same manner. You will walk better the next time around, then even better and one day start running.The responsibility of a Guru is to ensure that if you have come to him then you discover your true potential and reach the Param dhaam- you access the unaccessible. If you cannot reach there, do not get any experience, then that is not your Guru.  


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