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Doomsday process has already begun

Doomsday is round the corner while I am writing this. 21/12/2012, as per the Mayan calendar and various abstract prophecies, indicates the end of world. The very fact that you are reading these thoughts today proves that nothing happened. But do not be relieved, as the process of destruction of humankind had set in when division set in, when advait became dvait.
During the Vedic times, when there was no division, no religion, wars were fought only for protection of dharma. Earlier even asurs followed a code of conduct in war. Now wars happen because of exploitation and hunger for power of a few and there is no code of conduct. In the Vedic times, in spite of having such an advanced weaponry system, there was no pollution, no exploitation. It is only when the concept of ‘I’ came into play that misuse/exploitation of resources, senseless killings and destruction of nature began (though it is interesting to see that no religion talks about ‘I’, violence or division. They only talk of love…

Soul Desire

Pause a moment to think, what is it that brought you to this world. All of us at some point were just a sperm competing with the millions that are produced daily in the human body. The reason why we were born is because we pushed and knocked off the rest of them to come first in the race. This is our basic nature, the reason why we are here - ‘me first’ or simply, selfishness.
It is this selfishness that defines everything that we do, including our relationship with people. This is the reason why human relationships do not work out. The reason why you are with someone – be it your friends, parents or spouse is because you want something from them. You are with them only till the time you are getting that from them. As soon as that stops, you will not even look at them. You can try it sometime. The deepest and fondest of relationships come to an end as soon as that give and take is over, and all that remains is grief of what you have lost, what you could have got.
You enter and leave the…


You look at the cosmos, you look at the farthest of stars that the human eye can see, only to find out that someone somewhere has discovered another star, another galaxy, further away from what you thought was the extent of the universe. You will be surprised to know that the galaxy he ‘discovered’ did not exist before. It is just the consciousness of the person who is looking at it, who was searching for it, who focused his entire life on it that actually created that star. Such is the power of the brain.
Consciousness is the sum total of the manifested and the unmanifested. Manifested consciousness is what you can perceive with your five senses — the things you can see, hear, smell, touch and taste. Unmanifested consciousness is what is beyond these five basic senses. The concept of consciousness has a very close bearing to your brain. In an ordinary being, only 7-8% of the brain is functional, and this caters to the experiences of the five senses. As you grow in yoga, with practices…

Sound and Mantras

Sound or ‘dhwani’ is said to have originated from the ‘damru’ of Lord Shiva. It is said that every perceivable and unperceivable object in the Universe has a corresponding sound. Sound, the first perceivable dimension of the physical creation originates from a layer so subtle that a normal human mind would not be able to comprehend that force.

Prana is the force that pervades the Universe. Manifested in different forms it makes itself perceivable. ‘Mata Adi Shakti’ manifested as the Trinity for the purpose of physical creation. The first physical manifestation after the Trinity was in the form of sound. ‘Om’ (Aum) was the first sound and it came out of the damru of Lord Shiva. Divided into four parts (a-u-m and silence) it represents the journey of the spirit. Before sound, i.e. Creation, there was eternal silence or absolute stillness. It was from here that the journey of an individual began. The emergence of sound marked the beginning of physical creation. The syllable ‘A’ (as in ap…
Art of silence the key to evolution  By Yogi Ashwini The mind and the brain control the human body. What is it that controls the brain and the mind? Definitely not the body; otherwise it will become a vicious circle. The brain and the mind are controlled by the desire of the soul. What does a soul desire?
Close your eyes and see what is going on inside your brain; give it two minutes. You will realise that there are so many thoughts that are running inside you; so many different things you want—children, family, spouse, business, emotions. All these thoughts indicate to you the desire of the soul. It is because of these thoughts or desires that you are unable to go beyond the human existence and you cannot find peace and happiness within your body. All that is physical is temporary and what is temporary is painful—the reason for the pain that you experience day in and day out in the pursuit of these desires.
 When the mind is engaged in thoughts of money, family, busines…