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Only Yoga has the ability to rid you of your woes

There are people who, even after years of interacting with me and getting their experiences, ask me if I could teach them a new practice, a new mantra, a little more gyan or about Ashtang Yog. I wonder, what more can I teach them? Rather, what is there to teach? You are at point A, you have to go to point B, and the path from A to B was clearly laid down by Rishi Patanjali thousands of years ago. All that is needed is for you to walk that path… yama, niyama, asan, pranayam, pratyahaar, dharna, dhyan, samadhi… and you will our destination. Yoga does not call for standing on your head or breathing abnormally; neither does it involve complicated diets and rituals—it is simply integrating the principles of Ashtang Yog in your everyday life. Let us look at just the five yamas and niyamas: satya—to always speak the truth; asteya—not to steal; aparigraha—not to collect; ahimsa—non-violence; brahmacharya—celibacy; swacchh—cleanliness and personal hygiene; santosh—satisfaction with what you h…

Pink - The colour of love

Every relationship is symbiotic as it is based on give and take. You are in it because you are getting something from the other person and vice-versa. No matter how close a person might be to you, the moment you stop giving or the moment this “give and take” comes to an end, the relationship ceases to exist.

The only relationship that is an exception to this rule is that of a mother and a child, that too from the mother’s side and not vice-versa. The mother holds unconditional love for her child and nurtures and raises him/her without expecting anything in return. Every religion gives utmost respect to the mother for she is the creator of creation. She is shakti and, therefore, it makes sense to have every day as the day of the mother — the epitome of unconditional love. If you look at the depiction of a mother in any culture or faith, she will be shown to hold the child against her chest, for that is the seat of unconditional love in a human being. The pranic layer of a human body com…

The Force be with You

Yogi Ashwini clears a few misconceptions about the purpose of the kundalini.  

Artistic depictions of chakras and tantric triangles are often based on wild imagination, rather than fact. When you ask some of the artists for more details, they often hit a wall. But you ask someone who meditates on them regularly, you get a better response.
Yogi Ashwini of the Dhyan Foundation clarified, “The triangles in the images depict energies. The downward triangle represents Shakti. The upward one represents Shiva. They can be of different colours in different places. The guru of a tantric practitioner will give each student different images to meditate on, like the Shri Yantra, because everyone is different. So their requirements are different. And these triangles are not imagined ones. They really do exist, and can be visible through meditation. They correspond to the different chakras, (dynamos in the etheric body).”
He added, “The journey towards consciousness begins upward. So the guru will giv…