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It's how the divine asks us to change

This was nearly 15 years ago, we were travelling to the higher reaches of Badrinath and on the way back we went into a restaurant just outside the temple. We asked for some cow milk and told the owner to be doubly sure that it was cow milk and not powdered milk; he assured us and went into the kitchen. We waited for 10 minutes and then I decided to take a look in the kitchen. Inside to my surprise, I saw him boiling water and adding powdered milk to it! On confronting, he cheekily replied, “Now where do I get cows here?” I told him that if you people won’t send your cows to the butchers then you would have them and your character would be devik and not asuric, for this is what you people have become. How can you fool people at the dham of Vishnu? Another time on my visit to Kedarnath, I found families thronging the shrine in a picnic and holiday mood, filmi songs blaring and card parties galore. Inside the dharamshalas surrounding the shrine, people dressed as Shiva waving their trish…

Breathe Your Way to a Youthful Glow

With age you always notice a progressive decline in skin texture and complexion. A baby is glowing pink whereas most adults, even in their prime, are plagued with diseased skin and dull complexion. This is because in the process of growing up one is exposed to certain unnatural practices and stimuli from which it was kept protected in the womb.

Take for example the simple act of breathing. If you observe a baby breathing you would notice a pronounced abdominal movement. The stomach inflates as it breathes in and deflates as it breathes out. If you observe your own breathing patterns, most likely, you will find it to be the opposite and with little or no abdominal movement…this breathing pattern of yours, holds the key to the way you look and your present state of health.

Abdominal breathing maximizes the up and down movement of the diaphragm and ensures that lungs function at their optimal level, that is, they throw out spent air completely and also adequately replenish the body with fr…

Collecting coins in the game of life

Go back by 20 years and the video games available were Mario, bricks et al. Later, the games were upgraded and they became more interactive. Then there came games like Prince of Persia where human involvement increased; though both Mario and Prince of Persia were played using the same four buttons. Mario had only 8-10 stages; there were far more exciting levels. Next came motion sensors; today we have 3D games. You get into the game and feel that you are in real life. There may come a time when you will be able to put your consciousness into the character and be able to live in a virtual environment where you will feel pleasure-pain, death and birth. The knob and buttons being your five senses. In Mario, the player would collect gold coins; in this virtual game too, you will be busy collecting gold coins—better looks, bigger house, fancier car or a prettier girlfriend. You forget how many hours have passed. Then suddenly, the power goes off. You cannot retrieve the coins collected. Y…

Age and Weight Issues

The Magnetism of the enlightened

Successful people usually possess a certain glow and magnetism that sets them apart from the crowd; every cell in their body radiates a specific frequency of energy. An evolved person exhibits a higher spectrum of invisible colours which are visible to a yogic practitioner—this is called the aura. A normal being just feels attracted and wants to be with such a person without knowing why. To a clairvoyant, it is evident as a specific shade to the aura, and its magnetism depends on the person. This is called the Brahma Tej. One possessing this can attain anything that he desires; but it is up to him whether he uses it to accomplish physical feats or to break away and go beyond into the higher dimensions.
The reason why certain people have this glow while the others don’t is because the former have accumulated a lot of karmic strength over previous births through austere practices and following principles of Ashtang Yog. This manifests as sukra (luminous clearness) in the body, which th…

Defy Aging- Naturally

Vedic rishis were masters of the physical and the spiritual, super beings who controlled prakriti and all its manifestations. The physical body comprising of five mahabhutas (elements) had been completely mastered by them. From the masters of the Vedic era to the present-day doctors of modern and alternative medicine, all are engaged in finding a solution to stop, or at least, slow down the body clock. Many, on realising that they are ageing, lose their mental balance. A lot accept it as the inevitable. Some get stressed and fearful, and it is these vulnerable people who fall prey to business-minded companies selling anti-ageing creams, tonics, rejuvenating serums, which at best camouflage symptoms, addressing just the periphery while the core goes unnoticed. With time, the core emerges revealing facts, but by then precious years have been lost and the damage is by then irreversible.
It is normal to age...but for normal people. Ageing is a phenomenon of dulling of the senses and reduct…