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Dhyan Foundation at the Delhi Book Fair

Dhyan Foundation books at the the Delhi Book Fair at Pragati Maidan from 23-31st August, 2013

Shaktipath is One-on-one

The guru through Shaktipath initiates a person on the path of spirituality. The process requires an immense amount of energy which is transferred from the guru to the disciple and if this energy is channelised towards people who have no value for it, or to those who are bound to leave the practices in between, the energy dissipates. That is why it is said that spiritual knowledge should not be distributed in front of people who do not respect it, which can also be said for people who come with a purpose of defying or arguing about it. Today through the medium of television, people are introducing certain higher practices, which are becoming a fashion among the masses. Sir John Woodroffe, a renowned spiritualist, in the early 20th century said, “In older times, a guru initiated 10–15 disciples in his or her entire lifetime. Initiating even a single person requires an immense amount of energy and it requires an even greater amount of practices to regain that energy.”
A guru watches you…

Experiencing the Shiva within to be rid of Maya

Desire drives Karma

Yogi Ashwini on 'Aaj savere' DD National