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Being free of stress within

If you happen to take a flight at night, and get a window seat, please look out of the window when you take off. You will see thousands of tiny dots of light coming from thousands of houses that lie below and if you could peep inside any of them, you will find people not very different from one another, going through similar life experiences; stressed, disturbed by the same set of problems  such as health, finances, relationships and/or emotions. These stresses weigh an individual down all through life keeping him or her entangled in the daily struggle of existence; and before one knows, the hair has turned grey, the spine is bent, the skin shrivelled, the eyesight dim, the body is host to a plethora of diseases, and the stress… it only increases, never subsides, causing the body to deteriorate further and faster. Psychological stress is the prime factor that expedites physical ageing. Medically, this stress is associated with the shortening of the telomere length in the DNA as a con…

Dussehra Purification

Dussehra is the last day of Navratri; and commemorates the victory of good over evil. The legend has it that on this day Lord Rama defeated the demon Ravana, Goddess Durga demolished the buffalo demon Mahishasura. These are just two. There are countless accounts of why we celebrate Dussehra — every region, every group, every faith has its own version.
What then is the relevance of marking these dates? The answer is simple — energy. For those seeking the higher truths in life, these stories are cues mere to trace the underlying patterns of Creation and to harness the energies that lie therein. For spiritual aspirants it is the day for relieving oneself of the physical, emotional and financial imbalances to realize the divinity within. Spiritual practises and various mantra chantings on this day as detailed by your Guru can have a more pronounced effect of removing negativity within.
—Yogi Ashwini is an adept at Sanatan Kriya

The subtle spectrum of creation

By now we have understood that Prana is the energy we breathe, the energy we see, think, feel, hear, imagine and perceive in different forms.  Prana is everything.  It is entire Creation. It is the gyan we receive. At the physical level, it is the energy that gets translated through various layers (koshas) and manifests as the physical. Manik , a NASA scientist, carried out an experiment, staying without solid food for nearly 120 days, only on prana from sunlight minimally aided by small quantities of liquids. It becomes important to note that human life continues to exist as long as it can retain prana of a certain frequency even in the absence of food. Our bodies absorb prana and utilise it for vital functions. Used-up prana is given back to the environment and is further used as life force by beings lower in the evolutionary ladder. This process continues till it reaches the lowest form of Creation. Different pranic frequencies have different colours, part of a spectrum ranging fr…

Gurus and Crime

Navratras : Harnessing the Energy

On one of my expeditions to Himalayas, I met a tapasvi. He had a mystical calmness about himself. We had a long conversation after which I thought of leaving something for his expenses. I slipped my hand beneath the asan on which he was sitting to leave some money behind. As I did so, something pricked me. I lifted the cloth to find iron nails below… One of the 5 niyams in ashthang yog is ‘tapa’, that is, to heat the body by giving it pain. It is a very basic purification, a means to cancel out your negative karmas, a tool to aid progress and evolution. Fasting/ Upavaas is one way of putting yourself through pain. Upavaas has a much greater connotation than what it is generally misunderstood as - mere holding back from eating certain foods. At Dhyan Ashram, sadhaks observe Upavaas in its aunthentic sense, that is, giving up pleasure to observe austerities during sadhna. This is done by celibating, eating food for energy, not sensual pleasure, following a niyam of the sadhna your Guru h…