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True Colours of Weight -gain

Straight out of the toxins chapter from Yogi Ashwini"s anti ageing book!

The inner festival of lights

Starting from the 13th day of krishna paksh of Kartik until the second day of shukla paksh of Ashvin, marks an extremely powerful time in the Vedic calendar. The energy of various nakshatras is focused on earth. On the amavasya of Kartik, the night of Diwali, the energy patterns are especially conducive to the manifestation of gods in general and Mahalakshmi specifically. Creation stays in balance because the various heavenly bodies are constantly engaged in the task of maintaining it. The congregation of various forces determines the energy patterns of a particular day; our patterns combined with that of the day determine the course of events in our life. Like the various heavenly bodies, each one of us is a ‘poorna ansh’—a complete part—of creation and has been assigned a specific task. There is a purpose to our birth—a specific experience based upon the soul’s desire. Various energies help us realise this purpose to realise the balance of the world. On certain days it is extremely…

The Festival of Lights

The essence of Diwali lies in the verse, ‘tamso ma jyotir gamaya’, that is, ‘take me from darkness to light’, light here referring to the light of internal knowledge —the glow of which attracts the Devi (Lakshmi) home. The energy of various nakshatras is focussed on earth on the night of Diwali making it conducive for the manifestation of gods in general, and Goddess Lakshmi in particular. It is a night to request the Goddess to give us wealth but also to treat it with detachment because it is physical and temporary.
Sanatan Kriya details the shodakshri mantra, ‘ka ee ai la hreem ha sa ka ha la hreem sa ka la hreem’, which when channelised by one’s Guru and chanted in front of the Devi, bestows one with physical wealth as well as gives the route to exit maya.
If one looks at one’s own life one will realise that there is pain in every aspect of pleasure — the pain of losing that pleasure. This is a trait of Lakshmi (maya), yet we run after that which is temporary and is sure to leave u…