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Guru ke sanidhya me karo mantro ka jaap

'गुरु के सानिध्य में करें मंत्रों का जाप ' ... Yogi Ashwini's article in Hindi Milap.

Yoga to stay young

"The human body is the reflection of one cell. This cell is conceived in the womb and it multiplies and leads to the formation of various organs and tissues of the body.
#Ageing works at different levels, with signs first appearing at the elementary level of a cell. It is the cell in which heaviness accumulates and, depending on the dosha type, the disease whether obesity, depression or heart trouble originates..."

Yogi Ashwini's article in Deccan Chronicle.... #Yoga to stay young

Receive mantra from Guru only

Yogi Ashwiniji article in Metro India paper

Celestial Powers

All creation is governed by certain shaktis. As you progress in yog sadhana, you are able to experience their forms. Each day of the year is governed by a specific shakti.

All creation is governed by certain shaktis. As you progress in yog sadhana, you are able to experience their forms. Each day of the year is governed by a specific shakti. This is why yog stresses the importance of niyam and daily practice. If one misses sadhana for even for a single day, the shakti of that day is left behind and the sadhana of an entire year goes waste because in brahmand, if a single thing goes missing then its effect is felt on everything—our body, the earth and other planets and stars. Every shakti has a day, but rituals are not needed to access them. Yoghave no ritual, only sadhana of shakti.
It is important to understand the shakti of each day and its swaroop. Each form of shakti has a name, but at the present moment, we will only be discussing their forms. The names are taken only after generat…

The Sound of Silence

Yogi Ashwini's article in The Navhind Times BUZZ Section today...

"When creation began there was silence. Thereafter manifested sound and from that sound emerged all things physical. The sound was Om, also called the brahmnaad. Recently, researchers at the Sheffield University, UK recorded the sound emitted by the sun. It is the same as the brahmnaad described by our Vedic seers.

Every sound is an energy unleashed and it holds the power to alter creation around you, including your own body.."

Spiritual Healing Workshop

Spiritual healing finds mention in one of the 4 Vedas called the Atharvaveda under the section of Yatu Vidya where it has been explained in detail. Yatu stands for now. Our sages have described this science with such intricate detailing and precision that the effect of this healing is immediate. It is a definite science without any ifs and buts attached to it.

DHYAN FOUNDATION is organising a Spiritual Healing Workshop on Saturday, 1st Nov in New Delhi.
To attend please give your names latest by Wed to, 07053911420

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Secrets of the ancient Indian Masters(Part II)

Our ancients had mastered the body and science of being and included certain nourishing foods in their diet that would instantly rejuvenate the body in case of a loss. Of the eight branches of ayurveda, rasayanatantra is aimed at nourishment of dhatus of the body which ultimately results in building up and conserving ojas. To quote an example, Chyawanprash is a rejuvenator par excellence. 
It takes about forty-five herbs and spices, cow-ghee, sesame oil, and a good amount of saffron, sandalwood and pure honey to make chyawanprash following an authentic traditional recipe.
Chyawanprash is best made at home or one can buy it from an ashram where it is not produced commercially. Buying from market is not advisable as cost-cutting and tight pricing rob it of its main inputs. Rasayanatantra, however, is beneficial only if the body is free of ailments. In fact, in Ayurveda, the main focus is on the retardation of ageing by maintaining and improving the balance in the physical body."


तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय

Yagya purifies the environment

'Yagya Purifies environment'....Yogi Ashwini's article in The News October Issue.

Road to Ananda

Yogi Ashwini's article today in Speaking Tree (Times Of India)

Before we try to understand spiritual bliss, we need to comprehend the meaning of these two words. First, the word spiritual means — anything to do with the spirit that is unmanifested. The second meaning of the word bliss, in layman’s language, is suspension of all known and unknown emotions.
So spiritual bliss would mean a state where there is nothing — either composed of five elements, or any emotional entanglement, positive or negative.

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You feel happy by connecting to your guru. It is directly linked to your focus, says Yogi Ashwini

Before we try to understand spiritual bliss, we need to comprehend the meaning of these two words. First, the word spiritual means — anything to do with the spirit that is unmanifested. The second meaning  of the word bliss, in layman’s language, is suspension of all known and unknown emotions. So spi…

Quest for Salvation

'Quest For Salvation'... Yogi Ashwini's article in #Deccan Chronicle today...

The level of sadhna and your experiences go hand-in-hand. If your experiences are growing and your interactions with energy increasing, then no matter what you are doing in the physical world, it means you are on the right path.
Whenever you are slapped, there is a sound first and then the pain. A guru can sense that sound/dilution much earlier and warns the sadhak to be careful. A majority ignore this warning because their ego does not allow them to see their mistake.

Dhyan Foundation holds Sanatan Kriya workshops, Havans in Goa

Dhyan Foundation holds Sanatan Kriya workshops and havans in Goa, Navhind Times

Only Yoga can rid you of your woes

There are people who, even after years of interacting with me and getting their experiences, ask me if I could teach them a new practice, a new mantra, a little more gyan or about Ashtang Yog. I wonder, what more can I teach them? Rather, what is there to teach? You are at point A, you have to go to point B, and the path from A to B was clearly laid down by Rishi Patanjali thousands of years ago. All that is needed is for you to walk that path… yama, niyama, asan, pranayam, pratyahaar, dharna, dhyan, samadhi… and you will reach your destination. Yoga does not call for standing on your head or breathing abnormally; neither does it involve complicated diets and rituals—it is simply integrating the principles of Ashtang Yog in your everyday life. Let us look at just the five yamas and niyamas: satya—to always speak the truth; asteya—not to steal; aparigr…

It's her grace

Emotions are at the root of most diseases in the body. Hormones control our various bodily functions. Negative and heavy emotions such as fear, anxiety,anger, etc. disturb their normal function and release toxins that find their way to different parts of the body—muscle, tissue, organs etc  thereby breeding disease. The phenomenon holds true for humans as well as animals, only the level of sensitivity differs. This is not to say that humans are more sensitive…certain evolved animals like cows and dogs, at times, display far more sensitivity than most humans. When a cow is scared, sad, nervous or angry, a large amount of toxins are generated in her body. If you happen to visit a slaughter-house, you will be shocked to see the condition of animals, the way they are kept, and the fear in their eyes when the knife is raised…. Imagine the amounts of toxins that are secreted by the glands in the body of such an animal. The adverse effects on health of those who consume their meat are immens…

Remedy of the Month

Having a baby is probably the most amazing miracle of life. The happiness and excitement that a woman experiences during pregnancy is incomparable to any other. However, to thrive with the new life growing inside them, mothers need to adopt a nurturing daily routine and diet so that she blossoms along with the life flourishing inside her.
The Ayurvedic text Garbhini Vyakaran describes in great detail, effective solutions to common complaints during this period. Special regimens are prescribed for each month under Garbhini Paricharya. The general rule of pregnancy is to take greater care during the first three months and after completion of the seventh month. Any disease occurring in a pregnant woman should be treated with drugs that are mild in action, compatible and safe to the foetus. It is said that when a woman is in her last stage of pregnancy, one of her feet is in this world and the other in the world of Yama (the God of Death). According to Ayurveda, in case the woman …

Save a Cow

Navratri fasts purify body

Yogi Ashwini's Article in Metro India paper today