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The Difference Between Fake Babas & True Gurus

by Yogi Ashwini
On a TV show recently, the anchor commented, “If you are good at nothing in life - become a Baba; the chances of your becoming successful and prosperous are very high.” This seems to be the common perception! Perhaps this is so because today several self-proclaimed ‘babas’ and ‘saints’ take to wearing saffron, green or white. Their wardrobe, length of beard, the ailments they claim to cure you of and the crowds they pull are all taken as yardstick to gauge their spiritual Quotient.  Vulnerable devotees lavish praise, power and wealth on their professed Baba, helping set up ‘ashrams’ in the name of elevating consciousness.
This is a dangerous trend and is a threat to our culture. By ‘our’, I mean our collective culture as human beings. How then do we differentiate between a fly-by-night Baba and a truly evolved Guru? There are others, who, after years of rigorous tapa and sadhana, despite having achieved all that they had to in material life, take to a higher search an…

Adhyatmic Uthan karta hai nirantar abhyas

Sanatan Kriya Self Healing Workshop on Saturday, 20 December

From healthy and fit body to emotional stability and anti-ageing techniques, learn intricacies of yog with the practice of Sanatan Kriya. The word 'Sanatan' means complete and the practice brings about a beautiful balance, beauty and glow in the body.

Dhyan Foundation organizes Sanatan Kriya Workshop for Self Healing on Sat, 20th Dec, 5pm onwards @ Sangeet Shyamla, Vasant Vihar, Delhi
To attend, register at 9999183378


What existed when there was nothing? How did plants, animals, land, water, space and trillions of galaxies come into being? Consciousness manifested into the five elements forms all creation. It is everything that we see around us and also that which is yet to be manifested—the sum total of it all. We, too, are a part of the same consciousness and can manifest anything in creation by accessing it.
To give you an example of the play of consciousness, 30-35 years ago, a popular actor was fighting death lying in a hospital. The entire nation came together and willed his recovery, and he did. This happened as a result of its collective will. You might have noticed that many times you fear something and keep thinking that ‘this should not happen’ and your fear materialises. This is the act of consciousness. Instead if you think that ‘this is how it should happen’, then it will.
The science of yoga is based on tapping the phenomenal power of consciousness. It is through  this that saints an…

Human desires and four vedas

'Human Desires and Four Vedas' #MetroIndiaYogi Ashwini

Remedy of the Month


According to Ayurveda a virus cannot be killed but it can be made nishkriya (ineffective) and its spread in the body can be arrested. By following these simple cleansing techniques you can guard yourself against colds. Ideally, these should be done every time one returns home.

1. JAL NETI (Nasal cleansing): Take 500 ml bearably warm water in a neti pot, add 1 tsp organic black/rock salt and a pinch of turmeric (organic and pure). Stand and bending slightly forward tilt the head at 45 degrees angle towards left. Insert the nozzle of the pot into the right nostril. While breathing from the mouth, tilt the pot so that the water runs into the right nostril and flows out from the left. Repeat on the other side. Saline water is the best cleansing medium, which absorbs and scrapes away infectious pathogens accumulated in the nasal passage. Turmeric is disinfectant, antiseptic and a scouring agent.

2. NASAL LUBRICATION: Warm pure desi cow's ghee to a bearable temperature (do not put…

The intellect trap

A student of mine was given a certain intense sadhana  who started having experiences of the subtler worlds at regular intervals. Suddenly they stopped. I noticed she had started using her intellect and her ego was escalating. Yog begins where the intellect ends. I called her to the room where I do dhyan and made her sit in front of the asan where I sit for dhyan. Within 15 minutes, she started sweating profusely, lost control and had an emotional outburst. It took her nearly two hours to normalise.
I sit in that asan for long hours every day. I do not expect normal people, who try to understand everything intellectually, to have an experience of that energy because though the intellect and the brain understand the energy,  they lack the experience of the same and hence cannot relate to it. I just made her experience, for a while, a higher dimension. Hence the reaction. Yog is a subject of energy. A yogi relates to an individual not by appearance, skin colour, birth or intelligence, b…