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'आत्म शक्तियो` का अनुभव कराता है ध्यान'

'आत्म शक्तियो` का अनुभव कराता है ध्यान' Yogi Ashwini‪#‎HindiMilap‬

Beware of Imitations

"In an action movie, the don is seen wearing a black suit, dark glasses, with a lean frame and is surrounded by beefy bodyguards, also wearing black suits, and travels in a black car. It is a stereotype of the modern crime boss. Similarly, in a movie, a guru is seen with a long beard, flowing hair, fancy robes as the followers dance around him or her, who is also is seen dancing and singing. That, too, is a stereotype, in the make-believe world of films.
In real life, dons do not look like this, nor do gurus. If you take a look at the pictures of Ramkrishna Paramhans or Ramana Maharishi, you will find that they do not resemble these picturizations in the least. Gurus are not what you see in movies. They have an aura, a glow about them which is visible even to a naked eye. Gurus have vakshakti, which means what they say happens. They have mantra-siddhi; when they chant, the vibrations and energy can be felt by all present. They have strong and vibrant bodies which exude a glow wh…

Pain is better than grief India Empire - January 19, 2015 Often you will hear people saying that they can feel the pain of the other. Think about it. Can you really feel someone else’s pain? You may be grieved by their pain and feel sad for them, but can you feel their pain? No. Your pain is your own and someone else’s pain is his/her own, but someone else’s grief becomes yours when you connect with them emotionally. Both pain and grief cause suffering and amount to cancelling out your negative karmas. While the origin of pain is within you, the source of grief is usually someone else. People tell me that pain is better than grief since it can be cured by medicines while grief takes a long time to heal, and sometimes may leave a permanent scar. You will be surprised to know, it is actually the opposite. It is very simple to get out of grief. Pain, on the other hand, has to be endured. It is a misconception that medicines cure your pain, there have bee…

Prana ka adhaan pradhaan

"Prano ka adan pradan' Yogi Ashwini's article in HIndiMilap today...…/ArticleHtmls/22012015015029.shtml…

An auspicious transition

Yogi Ashwini' s articel in Deccan Chronicle"…

The power of consciousness

Secrets of Anti-Ageing

"Secrets to Anti-Ageing" revealed by Yogi Ashwini in the January 2015 issue of the News magazine... Sanatan Kriya-The Ageless Dimension

Animal Welfare

#AnimalWelfare#DhyanFoundationInitiativesFeed A DogSave A CowHelp a MonkeyBefriend A Bird
If you find an orphaned, injured or sick animal, Call us @ +91-9999099423. For more info Visit-

Simultaneous Yagyas worlwide on the occasion of Makar Sankranti

Makar Sankranti marks the day when sun appears to enter the zodiac of makar (Capricorn). Traditionally, the day coincided with the northward movement of sun having reached its southern most point, the phenomenon known as uttarayan in vedic philosophy. It was an extremely potent day, marking a transition in energy. According to vedic tradition the six months of uttarayana are a single day of the gods; the six months of dakshinayana are a single night of the gods. In Mahabharata, Bheeshma Pitamaha, chose to leave his body for the heavenly abode on it this day since it marks the onset of auspicious time.

On the auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti Dhyan Foundation organises Simultaneous Yagyas worldwide on 14th Jan, 6pm onwards. Register online @

Or Register on the respective number-
Delhi- 09953591367
Goa - 7083248227/9923983060
Chennai- 8939702730
Tirupati - 9396979788
Coimbatore - 9363140752
Hyderabad - 9393468680
Cochin - 07025024555

Special Body Sculpting & Self Healing workshop - Delhi

Special Body Sculpting & Self Healing workshop on Saturday, 10th January, 5pm onwards @ Sangeet Shyamala (opp. A11/6) Vasant Vihar. To attend, 09999183378

Parmatma mein samayi boond hai atma

Yogi Ashwini's article in Hindi Milap...'Parmatma mein samayi boond hai atma'

Inner World - November issue

"The Inner World- November Issue."

Presenting November issue of The inner world.

In this edition, take a plunge into some really thought provoking articles.. •Everything in creation is in layers. Read as The Master himself reveals the layers of existence - Lokas!
•Travel with us to The land of seven Pangodas
•Puzzle it out H2O to H2OH
•Ever heard of Dark Snow ??.. We all will in not long from now..!
•The healing phone call .... All it takes.
•How world learnt the art of Plastic Surgery…
•Rediscovering Gayatri and the healing matras from the Master - Yogi Ashwini.
•Authetic Diwali celebrations across Anand Vidhyalayas
•What we need is Modern education with traditional flavor… Here’s why!
•Deja Vu... !!!! But how come ??
•Does Russian and Indian have a common ancestors..??
and a lot more... 
Read up @

Remedy of the month

Teas for health The body's immune system and capacity for regeneration are its primary mechanisms for fighting off infections and preserving itself. A strong body has the ability to harness fresh prana from the environment and ward off psychosomatic and physical problems. Our body is part of nature and keeping it in rhythm with nature by ingesting natural products ensures a disease free and strong system. Modern medicine works like a suppressant and confuses the brain. Such medicines should be used only in emergencies or when the doctor prescribes them for short periods only. Intake of chemicals, whether in food or medicine should be treated with great caution. The reason why yoga practitioners rarely fall sick or get depressed is because they use natural products to correct the imbalances in their bodies. Since ancient times, rishis have used various kinds of teas for rejuvenation. In this series of articles we will take you through the recipes and benefits of various Indian tea pr…

A taste of Hell

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. It is a known fact accepted by modern science and detailed at length in our scriptures. Also, we know that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it only changes form. So when someone leaves the body, he/she changes form but is still there…where and in which form, depends on the actions performed by him/her. If one engages in positive deeds, feeds poor, saves animals, protects environment, he/she moves into a positive form. If one performs negative deeds, does no charity or service, lives for just him/herself, or if there is a crime happening, say an animal being hurt, and he/she turns his/her face away from it then Gita says he/she is a bigger criminal than the one who commits the crime, he/she moves into a negative form. Going to religious places and doing funny pujas or singing bhajans and dancing to them all night, unfortunately, is not considered a positive deed. It is entertainment which gives the false impression of bhakti.

Yogi Ashwini in Bangalore

Living Master, Yogi Ashwini , will be in Bangalore to conduct a Special Workshop on Body sculpting and Self Healing through Sanatan Kriya. on Saturday,10th January 2015, 3 pm to 7pm. To attend, register at 09341084120/ 09611445488/ 09060030344 or