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A taste of Hell

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. It is a known fact accepted by modern science and detailed at length in our scriptures. Also, we know that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it only changes form. So when someone leaves the body, he/she changes form but is still there…where and in which form, depends on the actions performed by him/her. If one engages in positive deeds, feeds poor, saves animals, protects environment, he/she moves into a positive form. If one performs negative deeds, does no charity or service, lives for just him/herself, or if there is a crime happening, say an animal being hurt, and he/she turns his/her face away from it then Gita says he/she is a bigger criminal than the one who commits the crime, he/she moves into a negative form. Going to religious places and doing funny pujas or singing bhajans and dancing to them all night, unfortunately, is not considered a positive deed. It is entertainment which gives the false impression of bhakti. The concept of heaven and hell stems from here and is a reality, which is accepted by religions and cultures across the globe.

If you have done good things in life, then to balance it out (as an equal and opposite reaction), you are given good things- heaven. In heaven, as one indulges in pleasures, the karmas get exhausted and there is rebirth for a normal person who seeks pleasures. It is only the vedic seers who could see beyond heaven, for those who did not seek pleasure and wanted to go beyond pleasure. No other school of thought has gone beyond heaven or jannat or swarg. It is only the vedic philosopher who perceived dimensions beyond the swah loka - maha, jana, tapa and satyaloka…that is the ability of the Guru who takes you beyond. Also, there is no other school of thought which has conceived the Guru, excepting vedic thought,  implying only Guru can take you beyond and show you what lies beyond.

Without going into the details of heaven, let us talk about hell, because when I see so many animals going hungry on roads, cows being butchered, milk being produced by starving calves and people in name of religious groups organising rave parties and dancing all night, then I am convinced hell is awaiting. I would give detail of few experiences that one gets in hell and by narrating these, if I can deter even a few of you from walking the path, then the job of this article is done.

In hell one is taken through certain purification processes to balance out all the negative deeds he/she has carried out and the interesting part is, that the one who is in hell does not know that he has left the body, he feels whatever is happening with him is for real…
Imagine boiling oil being poured on you, you can see your skin melting, your face disfiguring, the pain is excruciating and death seems like the only escape but even death doesn’t come to you…because you are already dead and you don’t know it. That is hell. A heavy jet of ice cold water is poured on the soft part of your head, you are not able to breathe, yet you are breathing. You are taken through this pain day in and day out and with every passing instant you feel the water is going to choke you, it doesn’t…because you are already dead. That is hell. Heavy weights are tied to your back and you are left in the middle of the ocean in the darkness of night, you keep sinking and sinking into the pitch dark, bottomless ocean, the water has filled up your lungs, you are struggling for that breath, trying to keep yourself afloat. You are out of breath and yet you are not dying. There is fear in every inch of your body and that fear is constant. That, again, is hell. A nail is hammered into your body, till it pierces all the layers and all the blood that had to flow out, flows out and just when you are so numb with pain and you want to die and get relieved of this pain and trauma (but you don’t because you are already dead), another nail is hammered at another part of the body…the process goes on.  Next your arms are stretched upwards and tied to a wooden plank, the legs to another. And then a wheel is rotated, with every rotation the distance between the two planks increases, stretching your body to a point where you feel the body parts are going to break apart…your muscles crack, as do your bones, you want to die and end this pain, but death does not come to you because you are already dead. And the distance goes on increasing, with every inch a new high..of pain.

All of the above are experiences of hell. Every religion speaks about it, it has to happen. Some of you might have had these visions in your dreams…what you saw was, in fact, hell. Especially those of you who feel claustrophobic and have inherent fears, it stems from what you have already gone through once in hell. Why go through the trauma once again? Why not instead, do some good deeds and avoid it.

Sanatan Kriya is a simple tool from Ashtang Yoga which will reveal all these dimensions to you and indicate to you where you are headed and how to avoid the trauma that awaits you. You live in a world where cows are butchered, hot oil is poured over dogs, humans are hungry and monkeys are homeless, the doors to hell await all those who are a party to this, including the ones who are silently watching, turning their face away, thinking that nothing will happen to them. Here I am giving you an opportunity to wake up and change the course of your life.  It is foolish to think you will not go through it for if you are living on earth, you are bound by gravity, whether you believe it or not…All religions talk about hell whether you believe it or not. And in this article I have discussed only hell. There is something deeper than that, where the trauma is manifold, it is called raurav. If this article doesn't change your thought process, then the next, which will describe raurav, definitely will.


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