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Yagyas worldwide on Hanuman Jayanti, Friday, 3rd April

Simultaneous Worldwide Yagyas on Hanuman Jayanti on Fri, 3rd April, 6-7pm.To attend, register at 09711861051

Why Navratra rules?

Navratras come twice a year, marking the transition of seasons. In Ayurveda, during this time, consume nourishing foods in minimal quantities to rid the body from toxins collected during the rains. The nine nights and ten days of Navratras hold the energy of ten forms of Shakti–Shailaputri, Brahmcharini, Chandrakanta, Kushmanda, Skandmata, Katyayani, Kaalratri, Mahagauri, Siddhidatri and Aparajitha. The weather changes, and various energies of creation move from imbalance towards a new normalcy, including in our body. Our body’s prana shakti undergoes realignment, from imbalance to a new balance for the new season.

For this realignment, the body has to be kept light. Therefore, the ancients prescribed fasting or upvaas during these nine days. Upavaas has a  greater connotation than merely holding back from certain foods. At Dhyan Ashram, sadhaks observe upavaas in its authentic sense—giving up all pleasures to observe austerities during sadhna, through celibacy, consuming food for ener…

Don't be tied to Maya

"The physical body that we see in the mirror is only 1/5th of us. There are four more layers and through Sanatan Kriya, you can look beautiful not only from outside, but also make yourself
pure from within.”

Read Yogi Ashwini's interview in the New Indian Express today...

What is truth?

The truth behind the inevitability of change in nature and the human body.

Your body, the flowers and trees, the sun, the moon, water…they are all changing all the time. What you looked like 10 years back or even a year back is not what you are this instant. The body is constantly moving towards destruction. A new set of cells replaces the cells in your body every seven years. Even what you see as death has happened so many times before; it is just that you are only able to understand it when the body is taken to the shamshan. Just think about it…today your hair are grey, ten years back they were black. So are you that same person who had black hair? The prana that governs your body too is undergoing a change with every passing thought of yours. In fact, it is because the prana is changing that the body too is undergoing a change.
So which is the truth, what things were a moment back or what they will be this instant? What is changing even that is not truth, because it is not there at a…

Santan Kriya, an age old tool from Patanjali Asthanga Yoga

Yogi Ashwiniji Article in Metro India Paper

Body Sculpting Workshop

Article in New Indian Express on March 17

Yogi Ashwini, founder Dhyan Foundation, will be visiting Hyderabad to highlight ancient techniques of body sculpting and anti-ageing; accompanying him is his student Nikita Anand, former Miss India Universe, TV host, anchor and actor. Nikita is a living example of the result of body sculpting and anti-ageing techniques. Under Yogi Ashwini’s guidance, workshops will be conducted on March 20 in the city. The yogi says there is more to us than what meets the eye and it is that which controls what happens in the body that we see. Sanatan Kriya, devised by him, addresses a being in totality all the five layers from core to periphery – making for a complete balance in all spheres of existence physical, emotional, financial and mental. The result is a confident and balanced individual with sharpness of mind, creative thinking, emotional stability an…

Jeevan mein santulan ke liye kare chakra santulan kriya

Protect the cow or perish

Back in 1993, the spread of Mad Cow Disease took toll of many across the globe and as a result, many stopped consuming beef products. We may stop consuming beef, but there is no escaping the cow and the disease and infection carried by the many products we make out of its carcass. The cattle by-products today find their way into almost everything around us and have the potential to transmit bovine spongiform encephalopathy from an infected cow to us.

Bovine gelatin, which is made by treating the bones of a cow with acid, finds its way into gel capsules, food products such jellybeans, marshmallows and instant gelatin, as a setting agent for ice-creams and cheesecakes, and as a coat on tablets, to bind photographic films, to name a few. Fat from the dead cow makes an appearance in our bathrooms as soap and toothpaste and on the road as automobile tyres and asphalt roads. Glycerin derived from cow fat is used in cosmetics and even in wars, as the explosive nitroglycerine. Its hooves and h…

Woman power

Power of Agni can be tapped on Holi

Yogi Ashwini's Article in Metro India News Paper

Agni jalati nahi nikhar lati hai

Women - Embodiment of pure energy

Yogi Ashwini's writeup on ‪#‎WomensDay‬ March 8,2015 which in Daily Post "A woman is embodiment of Shakti, pure energy. It is this Shakti from which the entire creation derives its strength and stimulus. The magnitude of this energy is beyond measure. The entire creation is manifested from the womb of Mata Adi Shakti. A woman through her perseverance can achieve the infinite as was exhibited by Parvati when she won Shiva as her husband. Our ancient people acknowledged this and hence in the Vedic times women were given the highest regard. There is a Vedic saying, ‘Where women are worshipped, the gods dwell there.’ In fact Manusmriti explains: “A woman must be honoured and adorned by their fathers, brothers, husbands, and brothers‑in‑law, who desire their own welfare. Where women are honoured, the gods are pleased there; but where they are not honoured, no sacred rite yields rewards. The houses in which female relations, not being duly honoured, pronounce a curse, perish compl…

Crisis of devotion

Sometime ago, the world celebrated the birth anniversary ofVivekananda. Born as Narendranath Datta on 12 January 1863, he is alive in hearts and minds of thousands even 113 years after his death; his thoughts revolutionising the lives of countless seekers till date. In the very first meeting, his Guru Ram Krishna Paramahans cleared Vivekanand’s doubts about God by making him experience subtler worlds and dimensions, just by touch. In subsequent meetings there was transfer of shakti, revelation of his purpose and the acquisition of the gyan of creation. Vivekanand stayed with Ram Krishna ji till his end, when his guru showed him the path of service (seva). Soon after Ram Krishna ji left his body, Vivekanand formed an organisation to carry forward the thought of his guru and dedicated his life to the cause. This organisation was called not Swami Vivekanand Trust, but was named the Ramakrishna Mission. What Vivekanand did was not to serve his ego, but service to his Guru, for that alone …

Holika Dehan

Yogiji article today on holi in leading Hindi paper Vishvamitra

Yoga to beat exam stress

Yoga to beat exam stress... #Yogi Ashwini#NewIndianExpress

Manage stress with breathing techniques, says Yogi Ashwini, Founder of Dhyan Foundation. The pressure of performance and the fear of the unknown grips students often resulting in perpetual fatigue, sleeplessness and negative thinking. Simply put, there is an imbalance in the body, which may not only affect performance
but also manifest disease, says Yogi Ashwini. Stress, anxiety, fear etc are all grosser feelings, resulting from an aggravated air element (vata) in the body. He said few simple techniques from
Sanatan Kriya normalise one’s system and also enhance performance....

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Manifestation of thoughts on the night of Holi

Yogiji's article in Navhind Times today.

".पाखंडी बाबा की पहचान करना सीखें वह कोई नुस्खे या टोटके बताएगा "

".पाखंडी बाबा की पहचान करना सीखें वह कोई नुस्खे या टोटके बताएगा " Yogi Ashwini's article in Dainik Bhaskar..