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Guru to help evolve

Guru to Help Evolve

Published: 25th July 2015 10:00 PM
Last Updated: 24th July 2015 12:36 AM

Yogi Ashwini
There is a pyramidal structure to creation, in which your position is determined by your desire. Every being is born with a specific desire and finds a guru matching it. As one holds the hand of the guru, he/she moves to that level of the pyramid and the desire manifests. The problem arises later, as the person usually gets caught in the desire and is unable to move further, and the downwards journey begins.
The problem of kalyug is that our desires are embedded in the physical. So, when one goes in search of a guru, he/she measures him on physical yardsticks—how big is his ashram, how many factories does he own. Beyond that, one is unable to comprehend, missing out on the guru’s essence. One would give more respect to a maths teacher than a guru, for the thought pattern is ‘at least he will teach me something I can use’. What the guru has to offer, hardly anyone can comprehend or has the desire to receive.

For the majority, the physical is the starting point. But if you have found a guru and are walking his path and over time your desires are still as they were, you need to think as to whether you are wrong or are in the wrong place.
Long ago, a babaji had come to meet me from Gyanganj (a village en route to Kailash Mansarovar, where many yogis live, and who are apparently taken care of by the Chinese government). He was in Delhi for treatment of cancer that was yet to infect his body, but which had been intimated to him by his guru. He told me that in the forests of Madhya Pradesh, there is a lake of crocodiles where a mataji does her sadhna. She lives with the crocodiles who do her no harm, such is her sadhna. I told him, “Ok, then I will go to meet her.” Babaji replied, “What will you achieve by meeting her? Her sadhna is her state of mind, the level you are at, you will not be able to understand it. It’s her sadhna, if you want to achieve it then just go and sit there. Anything short of that would amount to disturbing her and you will achieve nothing.” Yoga is not about achieving more physically, it is the journey of leaving the physical and of achieving siddhis to go beyond. You need not leave immediately, but the desire to leave should be in you.
When you meet a guru, desires change and rise lower to higher. As you move up the pyramid of spirituality, the accommodating power at every subsequent level reduces. So, there are less and less people around. Like you find very few people in the upper reaches of the Himalayas, only a few can survive in that environment. A move up the pyramid is a move away from the base, which symbolises physical desire and physical creation.
The present understanding of the term, guru, is rooted in the physical with innovative terms like ‘love guru’, ‘business guru’ and ‘management guru’ becoming popular. This is indicative of the wrong thought process and desire pattern of people. Pilgrimages too have turned into picnic spots, where people go hoping to fulfil material aspirations. If your desires are rested in the physical, you need not go to a guru. Guru is needed when you want to understand what lies beyond, and desire for siddhis of yoga to go out of the ambit of life and death.
The higher you are in the spirituality pyramid, the greater is the impact of the fall. When you go to a guru, you go for your evolution, not to fill their coffers. There has to be a reason to find a guru, desire should be firm to achieve the ultimate and siddhis of yoga, not for physical gratification and pleasures, but for going beyond.
Yogi Ashwini is the spiritual head of Dhyan Ashram. He will be in Bangalore from August 13 to 16. To attend detox/spiritual retreat,
contact 09611445488. E-mail:


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