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Paramtatva se milan ke aur unmukh

YOGI ASHWINIJI explains the significance of Dussera in Hindi Milap paper 22oct 2015

Kundan banati sadhna

"कुंदनबनातीसाधना "Yogi Ashwini#AmarUjala

Swayam ka tapaan ka madyam hai upvas

Yogi Ashwini's article on #Navratri in #Vishvamitrapaper

Navrata mein milti hai nai urja aur shakti

Yogi Ashwini's article in #AajSamaj paper

Saffron under Siege

Yogi Ashwini's Blog in Speaking Tree

As early as the Treta Yug, asurs have tried to disrupt creation. Disruption of creation is inevitable. Mahapralay is a natural follow-through of creation and asurs have an important role to play in it. Without the asurs, mahapralay cannot happen, and a new beginning cannot be made. Everything in creation is cyclical, nothing is linear. There is childbirth, death and rebirth. The sun rises and sets to rise again. A seed gives rise to a tree, which produces more seeds for more trees. Moon follows a cycle, as does water. The cyclical pattern is seen in human evolution, too. Lighter thoughts, thoughts for creation and selfless actions make one rise, and heavier thoughts, asuric disposition put one on the descending cycle. There is a limit to how much you can rise or fall, and that depends on the influence asurs and devas have in your life. Ravan, for instance, ascended to be one of the greatest pandits of all times who extemporaneously created the S…


Yogiji's article in Navhind Times .

Lighten your body

Yogi Ashwiniji Navaratri Article in the "#The News Magazine" october 2015 — with Ashwini Yogi.

Shradh sanskar ka mahtav

For propitiating your ancestors, conduct havans on Amavasya of Pitr Paksh (October 12) to avoid Pitr Dosh. For chant, contact 07053911420 Dhyan Foundation