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Knowledge sets the soul free

"If you look outside the window of a plane, no matter where you are in the world, you will find hundreds of buildings and skyscrapers as the plane takes off. As it goes higher, the buildings and skyscrapers becomes smaller and smaller, and slowly they turn into millions of lights which are actually homes. So it is interesting that when you access deeper stages of yoga and start experiencing past lives, you realise that the soul jumps from one life to the other, from one building to another, from one country to the other and this goes on and on in a cyclical manner. And every time the soul takes birth in a new home, it assumes it to be the ultimate and embarks on a journey of physical success, completely forgetting that this success is temporary. The body will fade away and once again it will start in a new house, a new body. Every time someone in the Intensive Care Unit of a hospital struggles for the last birth, s/he makes a promise that s/he will do something higher or better i…

गुरु के ज्ञान से अंधकार मिटता है..

गुरु के ज्ञान से अंधकार मिटता है..
Yogi Ashwini's article in Prabhat Khabar yesterday...

Yoga liberates the self

Times of india, Kolkata...


Tamaso ma jyotirgamaya

Yogiji Diwali Article in Todays#MetroIndia paper