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Animal Saviours


When Anurag, a software analyst with a leading IT firm,saw a Facebook post regarding  an ox with a badly injured eye stranded on the Electronic City main road ,Bengaluru, for 10 days, he began calling NGOs for help but got no response from any.Anurag,an animal lover and an IT company employee, who engages in all kinds of humanitarian activities and spends his non-working hours helping people and animals on the streets, then chanced upon Dhyan Foundation and called them up and within a short time, their volunteers sprung into action and and helped rescue and treat the ox.

Dhyan Foundation is a spiritual and charitable organization which conducts free yoga classes all over the world, and engages in innumerable charitable activities like running free schools for the underprivileged, running vocational training centres, animal rescue, running animal shelters,feeding thousands of people and animals daily. The uniqueness of this Foundation lies in it being purely volunteer driven.The inspiration behind all these activities is the Guiding Light,Yogi Ashwini, who emphasizes on the role of charity and service in evolution. He says “it is our dharma to protect those who are weaker; to feed all persons, animals and plants in the vicinity; to provide clothing and shelter to those in need and give according to each one’s capacity. He says "We need to protect, conserve and nurture the environment, avoid pollution, and foster holistic growth and abundance.Only that being can tread on the path of Yog, who is willing to help others.The transformation from selfish to selfless being is the actual outcome of Yog."Taking his philosophy forward, the volunteers at Dhyan Foundation, have set up animal shelters across the country and recently set up two gaushalas in the outskirts of Bengaluru where injured,abandoned,sick and all kinds of cattle are tended to and taken care for.

K.Gowda , who left his plum software analyst job at HP, to be part of this cause, can be found at the animal shelter,bathing and nursing injured cattle and taking care of their smallest needs. Gowda says "I have always been fond of animals and from a very early age and felt the need to do something for them. The urge was so strong that I decided to quit my job and pursue my soul’s calling. I feel at peace at the gaushala”. Similarly, Joie quit her well paying fitness instructor’s job to be part of this cause. Despite having being the personal instructor to a multinational IT company’s CEO and many big names in the city, she chose this path. Joie herself has picked up several street dogs and adopted them. She says “There is so much love that you get from animals and am amazed that nobody stops by to give a second look to an injured or hungry animal. If all of us could  take care of just one animal in our neighbourhood, the world would be a better place. RWAs should adopt the neighbourhood animals”. She says,“ once we were driving on the highway and the vehicle ahead of us ran over a street dog and did not even bother to stop and help the poor soul. We stopped our vehicle and took the dog, which had a broken leg and spine. We were appalled at this lack of empathy; we chose to carry the dog and nurse it back to health”

By Anjana Rajguru


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