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You have read a lot of books on Yoga and maybe have memorised lot of sutras and shlokas and have emptied your bank accounts paying fees for the various courses offered on spirituality and yet if the experience has evaded you till now and if you meditate and your mind opens up to forceful visualizations, if you imagine various things and try to see them or if you are trying to reach there by breathing rather abnormally or by tying yourself up in knots r even trying to learn some forms of engineering, calling it Yoga then you can be sure that you are not 'a believer’  and what you have is knowledge  and you are forcing your mind to show you things and are actually operating within the 7 to 8 % of your minds capacity which is suited only for the functioning of your five senses keeping the balance 92% unutilised  and as Swami Satyananda says, “ You are day dreaming" .You are increasing just plain and simple  knowledge, just like a computer  hard drive  that has it all, yet has experienced nothing, for it lacks the experience and  GYAN and of course the grace of the GURU.

This 92% is something which only your Guru can open for you and to open this he/she would first need to take you through the dual process of KAYA STHIRAM followed by TATTWA GYAN, and then give you SHAKTIPATH. It is only then that the unutilised brain would open and the secrets of creation would be revealed to you. You would be a GYANI and a YOGI.

Till you actually have the GYAN through a GURU, the MIRACLE shall evade you SHIVO HUM shall remain..........a distant dream ........and you would still go around searching for new books on  yoga and the paranormal and for teachers and masters.

I can actually afford to talk about what I have written above as till around 15 years back, I was just like this, an ordinary searcher and a very regular with classes on various aspects of the world of paranormal, forms of energy healing or various forms of neo yogas, a couple of which I found were teaching various aspects on the arts of living [please don’t waste my time, I am looking for something beyond living], I asked myself, “What is all this? Everyone here seems to want something from me? Either my money as charges or my time to build them up more! Does a spiritual quest not take you beyond the clutches of the physical attractions? Why is everyone talking about healing the body and having more fun in the physical?”  My experiences led me to believe that actually I was running on a treadmill. Yes, I was happy and enjoying myself to the hilt .........but, I had not even moved forward an inch!

Actually I concluded clubbing openly and partying was a much better option, at least I am being truthful to myself .....and GOD.

Then the Miracle happened. I met my GURU. Its only because of that energy that in the last seven  or so years volunteers at Dhyan Foundation have experienced more than 500 miracles, weather its to do with a medical problem, a past life experience or an interaction with the subtler dimensions where ancient texts have been revealed.

I actually wanted to write a series of books on MIRACLES but my GURU gave me permission for publishing only 51.The clear instruction was that the purpose of this book is simply to tell the World that there is something actually beyond ...............and if one would not believe it after reading about it in 51 ways then one first needs to learn the art of living here in any up-market nightclub and only then come to the Dhyan Foundation to go beyond.

In the words of my GURU, "A miracle is actually a fact of nature which is beyond the capacity of the normal mind to interpret. As you grow in yoga, miracles become a way of life for you … But then for you they are not miracles anymore but simple laws of nature that you now understand and use for aiding the positive forces of Creation to make this world a happy place to be in, and in the process you too go beyond.

I invite the reader to go through these 51 miracles and I would welcome any investigation on the authenticity of them all the subjects are very much here and open to interviews and scrutiny of medical records or testimonies of friends and relations. The only thing which I would not be able to prove to the investigator would be the past lives of the subjects as their knowledge stems from my thought and to empirically see that, you have to access me through the proper route of the GURU SHISHYA PARAMPARA.


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