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Anti-Ageing: Deepan Kriya

A common thought that prevails over most people in the 30s and 40s is how not to put on weight. With increasing age, the metabolic processes of the body become sluggish and there is a decrease in physical activity. In such a situation a person engaged day-in- and-day- out in the pursuit of five senses and collection for himself, starts to gain weight and falls prey to the myriad diseases linked with an obese body. Ill-informed and desperate, he cuts down on certain components of the diet arbitrarily or consults a dietician.
A dietician, too, only understands the physical aspect of body and in most cases, prescribes reducing the fat component of diet.The physical body or annamaya kosha is defined in ayurveda as ‘Dosha dhatu mala mool hi shariram’, i.e., the body is composed of doshas, dhatus and malas. These three factors direct and manipulate the physical manifestation of the body, for the body is the site of manifestation of consciousness and comprises of the panchamahabhuta (five elements).
You will be surprised to know that fat or medas is in fact one of the seven dhatus, an important component of the body. Thus by eliminating fat from the diet, a person knowing or unknowingly is inducing an imbalance in the body.The ripple effect is further imbalance in body, disease and ageing. Majority of people who are thin unnaturally complain of problems of the stomach, bones, hair-loss, virility, etc.The vedic seers looked at the body as a dosha, dhatu and mool and depending upon them ascertained the moolprakriti or basic constitution of a person. The science of ayurveda is not a disease-targeting medicinal therapy.
The entire science of ayurveda is based on nature, which is balance and hence it is aimed at achieving a state of balance in accordance with one’s environment. The state of balance varies from individual to individual depending on the prakriti or the constitution of that person. A diseased or ailing body is a symptom of an imbalance and can be corrected by restoring the balance looking at the body in totality. The book, ‘Sanatan Kriya:
The Ageless Dimension’ details the ‘deepan kriya’ to deal with the problem of increasing body weight while ensuring that it is not at the cost of famishing the body or creating a deficiency. It comprises of various tonics, herbs, recipes and practices which when made apart of your routine, as per the individual constitution or prakriti make for a complete balance, ensuring the healthy and radiant body and youth till the last.
The article was published in Namaste newsline.


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