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Building the Basics III: Strengthening the Excretory System

Death begins in the Colon! – The Excretory System (Major Organs: Kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra) maintains various body fluid levels and participates in the elimination process of organic wastes through urine.
The proper functioning of the excretory system plays an important role in keeping the body in balance. If this waste is not eliminated in proper time, it starts to rot in the colon thereby generating ama or toxins, leading to a state of imbalance and accelerated ageing of the body. Improper dietary and drinking habits of people today, has begun to deeply impact the functioning of the excretory system. If you notice, people all over are substituting water with tea, coffee, alcohol, sports drinks, soft drinks and other manufactured beverages. It is true that such beverages contain water. However, they are also rich in caffeine, alcohol, sugar, artificial sweeteners or other chemicals that act as strong dehydrators.
Colas and other such aerated beverages contain high levels of phosphoric acid, which has been linked to kidney stones and other renal problems. In a study published in the Journal of Epidemiology, the team compared the dietary habits of 465 people with chronic kidney disease and 467 healthy people. After controlling various factors, the team found that drinking two or more colas a day was linked to a twofold risk of chronic kidney disease. (‘Carbonated Beverages and Chronic Kidney Disease’, Saldana et al, Journal of Epidemiology, 2007).

ola consumption not only disturbs the excretory system but is also associated with obesity and bone disorders. Regular consumption of such beverages results in chronic dehydration, which hampers the body’s attempt to eliminate toxins. It is these toxins, which are later responsible for serious diseases.
A body exudes a natural glow and radiance if the excretory system is clean and healthy. In the book, ‘Sanatan Kriya Ageless Dimension’, I have outlined not only harmful toxins that we ingest everyday but also rasayans, diets and cleansing techniques that will help achieve a strong & healthy excretory system.
One should avoid being dependent on artificial purgatives to treat constipation and other digestive problems as in the long run they cause damage to the colon. In this article we take forward our series on asanas essential for strengthening the organs, the muscles, and the force which leads to expulsion of waste matter from the body.
For all asanas you need to sit with your legs outstretched, back and neck should be absolutely straight. Keep your eyes closed and internalise yourself as it will help in keeping your awareness on the body part that is being worked upon. Maintain ujjai breathing and synchronise the movement with your breath.

ArdhTitli (half butterfly) – It is a preparatory exercise for loosening the knee and hip joints for various meditative postures like siddha asana, padma asana. It proves to be quite beneficial for people who have difficulty in sitting crossed legged. Place your right foot on the left thigh close to your body. Support the left knee with one hand and ankle with the other. Exhaling, bring the left knee close to your chest. Inhaling, take it down pressing towards the ground. Repeat 7 times. Then move to the next leg. Ardhtitli also prepares the body for sitting in dhyan for long hours.

Purna Titli (complete butterfly) – Fold your knees and bring the feet close to your body facing each other. Hold the toes with your hands while ensuring the back is absolutely straight. Exhaling, raise both the knees and maintain that position till the count of seven. Inhaling, bring them back to the ground, keeping them as close to the floor as possible. Again hold them till the count of seven. Continue with this up down movement like the flapping of the butterfly’s wings seven times. Just like Ardhtitli, this asana prepares the legs for the padma asana and other postures for dhyan. While sitting in dhyan for long hours there is a lot of tension in the inner thigh muscles. Regular practice of this asana releases muscular tension and improves flexibility. This is quite effective in removing tiredness from long hours of standing and walking too. Avoid if suffering from sciatica and other sacral conditions.


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