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The Great Secret

Accessing your Guru means, you think of something and your Guru does it for you. No matter what that is. A Guru is ready to do anything for the shishya, but you need to have that connection, dedication and attraction that he cannot refuse you, even if it is something as frivolous as guarding your body. There are only two ways to access your Guru, bhakti – that nothing else exists for you or shakti – if you tie your Guru with shakti, he will get tied. You need to decide which category you fall in and then walk just that path.
But whatever you get, whether it is Guru’s shakti or bhakti, you will try to put it on display and show others how much ability you have. That is the time to exercise control and focus on just your path, otherwise you will get carried away. The shakti of bhakti and your own shakti, both are there only to light up the path for you, so that you pick up some speed and instead of 5 seconds you reach in one second. The path is just one.
People tell me they want to do yog but when I ask them if they are following the five yamas, they start looking here and there. You are at A and you have to reach B, the path is very small, all you need is to access your Guru. You can go straight and reach in five seconds or you can take zigzag routes of curing illness, mending relationships, to learn and understand, etc - for even a hundred years and still not make it. And you will take birth again on the route you had left and again keep wandering and again you will not reach your destination. I never asked for solutions from my teachers or my Guru, I never judged them, nor assessed them. I simply tried to access them completely in every aspect that they taught me. I know what I want and I want it completely, not even partially, because I just want that, nothing else. Unless you have this intensity, you will just keep going in circles searching for solution to your problems.
All your problems, big or small, are a result of your karmas. Your Guru has the capacity to remove those problems, but then you are taking your Guru as a means to solve your physical problems and wasting the phenomenal force that you have access to.
The article was published in India Empire.


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