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More than 20 dogs killed in Kochi, India

More than 20 dogs were killed in Kochi, Parakkadavu Panchayath on 12 October 2016 under Jose Maveli and his hired killer Ranjan. It wasn’t a festival yet it was organized for them by the Panchayath president Sebastian Vazhakkala.
The children were made to witness the killings which was the most heinous part of the crime. Even the dogs with puppies were not spared. In One of the pictures below one of the dogs a friendly mother dog was held by Ranjan. One can see fear of death in her eyes as she knew that she was about to be killed. Such is the hopeless state of affairs in Kerala.
The children who watched the soul stirring scene would have left it’s imprints of their psyche for the rest of their lives. The empathy for animals and the tenderness in their nature would surely be crushed by the heart rendering scenario.
But we always forget that what we sow, shall we reap. Yogi Ashwini says that the law of Karma is applicable across the globe. None of us can escape it. If we are showing our children how easy it is to kill these innocent animals then we are preparing them to be apathical to our woes also. Later these children would not be able to relate to our pain also because their compassion has been killed by us only. Through such incidents we are carving a path to lower dimensions, perhaps the worst hells which have no boundaries to pain.
We can save ourselves from such pains by taking immediate action after seeing any such incident. We need to ensure that such culprits get severely penalized. If we can’t be on the front field, we can always make a phone call or write a mail to the concerned authorities to punish the culprits.
To know more about how you can help, you can visit
Act before it’s too late else we are bound to visit the worst hells which would bring us only pain.


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