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OM: The Sound of Creation

Ever thought about it…What was there when there was no Creation? Imagine a time when there was no time. Time too was created. After time came OM in the form of Dhwani, sound.

Creation began with the sound of Om. From Om emerged all sounds, which further manifested into the dimension of colours and the five elements. The reverse process—from elements to colours to sounds to the eternal Om, opens doorways to the shaktis of Creation.

The closer a shakti is to Creation, the closer is its sound to the eternal Om.  A Western University recorded the sound of the SUN and found it to be a continuous loop of unending Oms.

“And Sun powers all life on earth. Also, Sun has no religion.”

Manifestation of OM  in a vedic havan performed by Dhyan Foundation volunteers 

Now to get an experience of OM you can...

Look up the night sky, fix your gaze at any one point and without shifting your gaze start rotating from right to left. After a while stop, close your eyes and stare at point internally…What was your experience? What you experienced inside you is just an iota of OM. Om, from which Creation began, and to which everything will eventually return.

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Each one of us is ‘Om’, a poorn ansh of Creation comprising of purush and prakriti. In that respect, each individual is tied to time and at the same time independent of it. Every individual is living in unreality and also in reality. How is this possible?

Let us understand this with a practical example. When you go to watch a movie, you take yourself to be reality and what is happening in the movie as unreal and yet, you get so involved in that unreality that you laugh and weep as the movie progresses. A movie-seer has the option to sail out of the movie or remain engrossed in it. It has got both limited and unlimited aspect to it. The limited aspect is the movie (Om) and the unlimited aspect (oooooom) is the seer. So is true of the movie called physical life. Every human being is tied to it and yet not tied to it. He just has to realize it.

The Om is one, every human being is that Om but he has tied himself to the physical world which he mistakes as real. The irony is that the physical world is slipping away from his hand with every passing day – every new day brings with it another grey hair, another wrinkle on the skin, a new disease or problem, further weakening of the senses – and yet he does not want to leave the physical.

Each one of you has a choice to exist in reality or continue fooling yourself in the unreal. Each one you is an oooom formed by the smaller Oms, that are temporary and limited are the physical world, the unreal.

To understand this, listen carefully when a Guru chants Om. You will notice that it is a continuous loop of countless small Oms. The continuous Om is eternal, the smaller Oms being bound by time representing the temporary aspects of physical Creation. Each of us is an Om, which has the potential to become a continuous Om, under the sanidhya of a Guru. That, in fact, is the route to moksha, to reality.

The chant of Om, holds in it the phenomenal power of Creation, giving form to your thoughts, but for the Om to have this effect, it must be chanted right under the guidance of your Guru. While different mantras have their effect in different centers of the body, the vibrations of Om are felt in each and every cell, from Mooladhar to Agya, from toe to the head. And as the being progresses on the path of sadhna, his/her Om starts approaching the frequency of the eternal Om.

The article was published in Anand Chronicle


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