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Cirrhosis of the liver is a serious problem and once it sets in then the liver starts to degenerate. In the first stage the membrane that covers the liver gets inflamed and the second stage is where the liver gets damaged. The inflammation of the membrane can be identified by certain symptoms. Firstly, the eyes of the person would not be clear but spotted, or they look heavy and not normal. The tongue will have a heavy deposit every morning when they wake up and thirdly, the most important symptom is the stool is sunk down and not floating. These are clear signs of damage to the liver.
If any of these symptoms are visible then it’s important to take some remedial measures. If your liver gets damaged, medical science does not have a cure for it. So how do you keep the liver healthy and strong when modern medicine does not have a cure for it. Here we will refer to Ayurveda and yoga for some remedial measures.

1. This is a very simple yet powerful and rejuvenating tonic. Take Shyam tulsi leaves and crush them. Caution- do not chew tulsi leaves. Mercury is the most strongest element that can cure as well as harm the body. Tulsi contains mercury and it breaks the enamel. If tooth enamel breaks then tooth will start to damage which in turn affects the heart of the person directly.
So crush the leaves and take out the juice and drink it. You may add honey according to taste. But kapha prakriti people should not take a lot of honey and can avoid it in this case. To know more about your prakriti (vata, pita, kapha) you may refer to the website
2. Second remedy is to drink 3 glasses of fresh pineapple juice daily with some honey.
(If you are kapha prakriti then add little less honey). This is a powerful tonic for flushing out toxins from the liver.
The most important thing for anyone suffering with a bad liver is to avoid emotional congestion or tension. It has been medically proven that emotional congestion reduces the production of hormones in the body. It also aggravates hyperactivity of the liver. In yoga there is no scope of any hyperactivity in the body. If there is hyperactivity in the body then the first damage is not to the heart but to the liver. It is closest to the emotional surya chakra from where one forms all the emotional bonds. Therefore negative emotions over a long period are as bad as alcohol for the liver. They do gradual damage the liver. It is extremely important to stay calm to avoid any further damage to the liver.

The article was published in southafricatoday


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