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We often hear the phrase “nazar lag gayi”. Mind you that is not gibberish or mumbo-jumbo. It is true.
The entire Creation, everything that exists around us, plants, animals, humans, birds, insects - everything is energy. This energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but it changes form.
The form that differentiates one energy from the other is the frequency that it vibrates at. Insects, animals being the grossest frequency while the dimension of the devas being the subtlest.
What makes us gross or subtle, is the desires that drive us, the karmas we come with and the karmas we create in this lifetime. And Karma could be a single thought, action, spoken word. 
Master Choa Kok Sui rightly said ‘energy follows thought’. A thought is as powerful as a physical action. Just like a strong thought of a person, can hit you, unsaid, unseen, unheard! In Yoga, which is a science of life, Spiritual Healing, with the aid of one’s consciousness can alter one’s karmas and heal people. But always remember that when you heal you give a part of your own karmas to alter someone else’s, you are accessing the dimension of saints and not common beings, and interacting with certain shaktis, so it therefore becomes imperative that you constantly increase your bank balance of good karmas through service and charity.
In the last issue, we had discussed fever; this time let us look into certain emergency procedures for Healing Minor Cuts and Bruises.
When observed clairvoyantly the cells which regenerate tissue and skin are of various shades of yellow.
Basic preparations: As mentioned earlier,
  • do keep a dust bin in the form of a bowl filled with water and sea salt.
  • In this bowl you throw off the diseased prana as if you are dusting dust off a cloth.
  • Some light yellow flowers and neem leaves are your tools for this procedure.
  • Take your awareness to your Anahad chakra and connect with your Guru.
  • Sweep the whole body generally 50 times holding the neem leaves in both your hands. The sweeping motion is from top to toe.
  • Holding the neem leaves in your right hand, clean the cut specifically in an anticlockwise circular motion. Your awareness should be on your Vishuddhi chakra (located in the throat region).
  • Then with the yellow flowers energize the cut for around 15 minutes with whitish yellow light. When energizing, your hand should move in a clockwise direction. Continue to maintain awareness on the Vishuddhi chakra.
  • Important to maintain detachment from the subject by being aware that you are just a channel for healing and the healing is being effectuated by a higher force.
  • Then with your palms transfer a cooling sensation to the wound in the form of a light blue colour.
Tell me what happened.
It is important to remember, that the Science of Spirtual Healing should always be practiced without any commercial angle, only then the results would be miraculous.Log onto to or mail to dhyan@ for more.
The article was published in chennaionline.


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