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Govt insensitivity towards the protection of animals leads to Peaceful Car March by Dhyan Foundation in the Capital

Govt insensitivity towards the
Dhyan Foundation (aided by PFA) held Peaceful Car March on 7th April to urge the respective government offices to immediately act and take action against the deplorable conditions of Cows and its progeny.  The two states offices being visited today were Haryana for the Illegal Slaughtering and smuggling of animals (Mewat) and Kollegal Taluk, Karnataka where severe drought and government inaction is leading to hundreds of cows dying because of starvation.

The rally which saw scores of people from all walks of life, students, journalists, teachers, lawyers, activists, volunteers, top businessmen rallied the State houses of Haryana & Karnataka.
It was concluded at Jagdish Cold Storage, Lawrence Road, where last month Animal activists spotted white skin carcasses in a truck in Keshav Puram area. Further probing led to discovery of calf carcasses in Jagdish Cold Storage and two more illegal slaughterhouses adjacent to it.
Even after the Confirmation by Govt Lab of Cow Meat found in Lawrence Road cold storages, police was slow in action, giving the factory owners ample time to clean up, despite repeated calls from activists. It is just one of the evidence that Cows are being slaughtered and exported.
Similarly, Activists have reported dozens of cases of camel trafficking and innumerable incidences of cattle slaughter and trafficking in Mewat, Haryana. However, there is no concrete action being taken against any of the accused. In spite of a stringent Anti Cow Slaughter Act in Haryana, most of the times it is an uphill task to register an FIR and even in the cases where FIR is lodged, police is slow in action.

Activists have been openly threatened, physically assaulted and even been attacked by weapons with no fear of land. Government laxity or police inaction e.g. no FIR in Beef Biryani case, in spite of full evidence, is merely creating a breeding ground for further crime.

Trans-border cattle trafficking for slaughter is a $500 million trade annually, the stakes are high for the criminals, who are often linked with terrorist movements, fake currency trade, arms smuggling and other anti-national activities.

“The growing ‘mafia-police’ nexus makes it an upward battle – Due to lack of willingness of the state police to help animal activist against armed mafia/anti-national elements, who are working tirelessly for the cause of animals, have no security and are constantly under threat with no police protection at gaushalas (which house rescued cattle) and for the activists on ground”, says activist Sonia Sharma.
“However, some police and administration people are a great help; they go out of their way but majority do not want to enforce the law of the land for reason which are any body’s guess. We, or our volunteers have no security and our constantly under threat”, added Sonia.

While, the situation in Kollegal Taluk, Chamrajnagar District has been all over social media. Severe drought conditions and deplorable state of cattle in the region on account of unavailability of food, water and adequate government aid continues plague the region. Cattle carcasses can be found everywhere, with thousands having succumbed to their deaths and others waiting in line, unless drastic measures are taken immediately.

“It is the responsibility of the State to take care of its animals but since the beginning March, 2017, having received a sluggish response from authorities, Dhyan Foundation has set up temporary and permanent fodder points in various locations including MS Doddi (Kuratihosur), Kallidoddi, Gaanigamangala, Odakehalla & Kumbudukki (MM Hills) as an emergency measure to help cattle” says activist Nikita Anand.

“We request the Government of Karnataka to take into account the urgency of the situation and expedite distribution as well and release funds for future expenses in a time bound manner”, she adds.
 The article was published in tennews.


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