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Significance of World Peace

Dhyan Foundation, ICHR organize World Peace Maha Yagya
World peace is the need of the hour and yagya is potent tool for the same, says Yogi Ashwini
Well-known spiritual and charitable organisation, Dhyan Foundation in association with Indian Chamber of Human Resources organized World Peace Maha Yagya at Dhyan Ashram on Friday.
Speaking about the purpose of the peace yagya, Yogi Ashwini, said that “when the world was inhabited by barbarians, as per modern historians, vedic rishis had mastered the concept of shanti (peace) and santulan (balance). Today, in this heyday of negativity, World Peace is the need of the hour and yagya is potent tool for the same.”

On the occasion, a new mobile application AcharyaSethu was unveiled which is aimed at bringing vedic culture in the form of yagyas, vastu, astrology and other services to one's doorstep. “It is unfortunate the youth today have no understanding of or access to the treasure trove of ancient Indian sciences. Acharya Sethu is doing comm…

How is Yoga relevant in modern times?

Usually one thinks of yoga, only when one wants to cut flab or is in excruciating pain and feels yoga holds the key to all man-made problems. Yogi Ashwini of Delhi-based Dhyan Foundation, who was in the city, recently said that there is no age to start yoga.
“Yoga can be practised by one and all. Yoga, simply put, is a union in, and union with, all spheres of life. Yoga helps unlock the phenomenal potential that lies hidden in a being,” Yogi Ashwini says.

The yoga guru feels that yoga is an experience and not a subject of the intellect. “Yoga works on all aspects of a person — physical, vital, mental, financial, emotional, psychic and spiritual. Only when all the aspects are in a state of balance does a human being experience liberation, perfect harmony. The aim of yoga is the awakening of the Kundalini for liberation from bondages,” he adds.
On the specific yogasanas that men, women and children could practice, the Yogi says that people from 18 to 80 can practice all yogasanas. “You hav…

How can Yoga help you manage anger (part II)

Yogi Ashwini tells anger destroys the body by exhausting the vital prana and fluids
Anger, as we discussed in the last article, destroys the body by exhausting the vital prana and fluids. In the last article, we had touched upon some ayurvedic recipes to calm one down. Let us now practice some yogic movements from Sanatan Kriya to bring down that temper.
Whenever you are angry, just sit with your legs crossed and take deep breaths. Place your hands near your chest with the palms facing outward and with one deep exhalation, push the air in front with your palms, using the force of shoulders.  Let the movement be short, do not stretch out your arms completely. Repeat this 7 times.
Next, raise your arms and bring them down rapidly as if you are pulling a rope. Exhale heavily as you clench your hands and bring them down.
Now, bring your hands together in front of your chest and spread them out laterally to push sideways while exhaling heavily.
As you perform these movements, imagine you are doi…

How Yoga can help you manage anger (Part 1)

Yogi Ashwini says from anger comes delusion, from delusion a lapse of memory, from the lapse of memory there is a destruction of buddhi, and from the destruction of buddhi person is destroyed.
Have you lately been getting very angry? Is anger your second nature? Are you angry all the time? If your answer is yes then you are moving towards the next problem after anger which is hypertension. Hypertension is a manifestation of the weakening of the heart. Excess of negativity and hypertension weakens the muscles of the heart, which is controlled by the Mooladhar chakra. 

Just relax and rub your hands together to warm them up and slowly bring them together at your mooladhar chakra. You'll feel some tingling at the tips of your fingers. If the chakra is weak then you will feel nothing and your hands will come together without any resistance. If it's strong, you'll feel pulsations and resistance as your hands try to come near each other.
The basic reason for the mool chakra becoming…

Sanatan Kriya flow for glowing skin

Originating from Ashtanaga Yog, Sanatan Kriya is a field of yog that addresses the whole body. The kriya has five basic steps on which it is based. These are named as Ujjai pranayam, rotations, chakra santulan pranayam, panch mahaprana and dhyan with the guru. The Sanatan Kriya is exclusively formulated by Yogi Ashwini, spiritual head of Dhyan foundation.
Sanatan Kriya has numerous benefits that contribute to its popularity among many followers across the world. 

They are such as follows:

1.The sanatan kriya offers to bring balance and steadiness in the body, especially after it is affected by diseases and stresses of day-to-day life.

2.Since the kriya is exclusively formulated, it also offers to work on the prana of our bodies. Prana is the universal flow of energy which currents in and around the body.

3.The kriya also causes an immediate positive effect on the chakras and the nadis (which are the veins interconnected through the force of life, namely the pranamaya kosh).

4.The kriya, if …



Agni is the first word of Rig Veda. Agni or fire is the only element which cannot be polluted. This is the reason it is chosen as the medium of interacting with the devloka. It is the devloka tha governs the functioning of the prithvi or bhulok. Whatever offerings we make to the fire are transformed by it into specific fragrances which in turn nourish the devloka. 
A true vedicyagya done in the sanidhya of a Guru, has a powerful effect on those participating as well as on the environment. As you do samyam on the yagya-agni, you imbibe the purity of the agni within you, warding off all the negativity and heaviness. The environment become fragrant, serene and peace descends within and without and devs and devis manifest in the yagya agni. (Original unedited pictures of divine manifestations at yagyas conducted at Dhyan Ashram )
Experience the phenomenal power of Vedic Science of Yagyas, World Peace Maha Yagya in the divine presen…

Fight nicotine addiction through yoga

All those who try to quit smoking experience at least one or more of these symptoms: cravings to smoke, difficulty concentrating, nervousness, restlessness, irritability, anxiety, cognitive impairment, increased appetite and eventually, weight gain. So much so that it becomes a constant struggle to overcome this addiction. Many times, people shift their addiction from one substance to another. A tried and tested way to reduce all these symptoms is to practice Sanatan Kriya.

The habitual use of tobacco in any form constricts the arteries to such an extent that the blood flow gets affected. To unclog the arteries, you need to ensure that the prana (life force) is appropriately distributed in your body. For this, you need to learn yogic breathing.
So, first sit in vajrasana. That is, with your knees placed together and legs folded such that your buttocks rest on your heels. The big toes overlap, right over the left. As you inhale, fill breath in the abdominal region, move it to your thorac…

How to relieve stress

Mystic Mantra: The journey from darkness to light

Gita says a life led only for self-gratification is a life of sin.
A human body is the only dimension where one can move from darkness to light. Tamso maa jyotir gamaya. When you look at the night sky, what is it that catches your attention first? The moon. Why? Because it is the brightest. Sun, moon, stars are all gods and goddesses and the universe is full of them. Some of them are in the light, them you can see. Others are in darkness. When you go in deep states of dhyan you are able to interact with them, and you actually see the pits of darkness they are in and the pain they experience because we got this chance, a human body, to move from darkness to light. They also got a chance but lived a selfish life, hence are in darkness. Sanatan Kriya gives you the ability to see their dimensions.

To get a first-hand experience of this darkness, sit in a closed dark cupboard. Ask someone to lock it from the outside and lock the room and do not open it for 3-4 hours. In that pitch dark, when…

How Dhyan Foundation volunteers are helping ailing cattle

Despite controversies around gau rakhsaks and vigilantism, there are groups of cow lovers working silently and doggedly towards the well-being of the bovine species in the state.
Cow care centres located at Avedem in Paroda, Zambaulim and Shirvoi in Quepem, and Valpoi in Sattari, are a blessing for injured bovines and abandoned cattle. While the first three are run by Dhyan Foundation, a New Delhi-based spiritual and charitable organisation, the one in North Goa is run by Jai Sree Ram Gau Sanvardhan Kendra, a registered animal welfare trust.

The fact that thousands of stray cattle have been treated and nursed back to life at these cow shelters points to the fact that an increasing number of people are abandoning their cows and buffaloes once they turn 'unproductive', thereby adding to the stray cattle menace.
"The number of cattle in our gaushalas is increasing rapidly. Unfortunately, this is a sign of the degeneration of our society. If the numbers are increasing at our end…

Yoga for cervical problems - Part 1

A gift of excessive dependence on mobile phones and computers coupled with bad posture is problems of the cervical. There are three major nadis regulating the flow of prana in the body – sushumna, ida and pingala. Sushumna corresponds to the spine in the physical realm and aids the rising of kundalini through various chakras. Ida and pingala are moon and sun nadis twining around the chakras and maintaining a balance in the cold and hot prana, the left and right side of the body. Another significant nadi in the pranmaya kosha is Gandhaari, which controls the cervical region.

Gandhari is the principal balancing force in the body, which ensures that you do not lose balance as you twist and turn or move about. Gandhari moves in a circular manner starting from the mooladhar chakra uptil the agya and back again. It is imperative to balance this nadi to ensure the long-term balance of the body.You might be surprised to know that the root cause of degenerating diseases such as Alzheimers and P…

The Purpose of Yoga Is To Open Bondages

Patanjali Yogsutraswere given 4500 years ago, they do not give a description of any asana. There is only one line – sthir sukham asanam. That is a posture in which you are still and at peace. So any posture that can be maintained for long hours without movement or discomfort is an asana. Sage Patanjali is called as the fountainhead of yoga. The purpose of asana is cleansing the body – nadis (etheric channels) and chakras(energy centres). 4500 years ago, there was no requirement for this cleansing, the thought, actions and environment were relatively pure and conducive to the practice of yoga. Therefore, no mention of asanas in Patanjali Ashtanga Yoga. With the passage of time, the bodies and minds started becoming polluted as did the environment, therefore various forms of yoga came in and around 500 years back, Hatha Yoga was formulated by yogis like Matsyendranath and Gorakhanath which describes certain physical postures to cleanse the nadis and chakras. These were given because by th…

Dhyana blocks mentations

There is a lady who has been doing dhyana for quite some time. Everyday without fail she would write to me seeking my blessings, so that she can move ahead in dhyana. Recently, I got a mail from her asking if I could help her find a camera that got lost recently. Such emails, especially from those who have been long practicing, set me thinking. Why do people do dhyana ? Most of the people who come to me either want to pass an exam, some of them desire a better job or relationship and the rest have a heart trouble or a factory that is about to shut. I know this because I keep getting your emails and as I read them, I wonder if I am really a Yoga Guru or a consultant to whom people come for solutions to their various problems. It is foolish to think that dhyana would make you immortal or help you recover a business loss or make your ailing heart hale and hearty. The creation is based on certain laws, and neither you nor me, not even the trinity can violate those laws. If you want to make y…