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Holi is one of the most powerful days of the year. On this day, it is extremely easy to access an aspect of the energy of the preserver. Night of Holi is the night of wish fulfilment and manifestation of thoughts through mantra given by the Guru. Ward off effects of black magic and evil spirits
Simultaneous yagyas on the occasion of Holi at Dhyan Ashram and at all centres worldwide on Mar 1st at 5.30pm IST.
To attend register at 9871965645 / 7053911420

Yog is road to eternal bliss

A yogi never falls ill, he never faces abhaav of anything, he does not have any kasht. The biggest pain is not in losing something but in getting something which is dear to you.

As per Ayurveda, the body is made of three doshas. “Dosha” translates as a defect or an impurity. That is, the body itself is impure. There is no negative or positive because everything around you, everything physical, is bound by time. It is bound to end, and the time for it to end is decided the moment you get it, irrespective of whether that thing is good or bad.
The biggest pain is not in losing something but in getting something which is dear to you. The dearer a thing is to you, the more expensive it proves to be, as that much more pain it will cause to you. The day you get something, that day itself the pain that comes with it is also decided. Similarly, the day you take the body, the doshas that come along with it are also determined because the meaning of body is that which is dooshit.
Let me share an…



#Shiv is an experience. This experience begins at the feet of the Guru and unfold as per the capacity of a sadhak. A beautiful journey bestowing myriad siddhis enroute...

Begin your journey on this #Mahashivratri, in presence of the Master Himself, Yogi Ashwini in United Kingdom, Feb 2018. For more details, +447428000530

Activating Your Chakras for a Healthy You -​ Swadhishthan Chakra

In this series we have been discussing the asans and beej mantras for the various chakras and how one can activate them and strengthen the corresponding body parts. Last time we discussed the mooladhar chakra that is present at the base of the spine. Now we move to the Swadhishthan  chakra. Swadhishthan (Sacral Chakra): This chakra is located two inches over the Mooladhar at the pubic area. It controls the sexual and urinary system. It is primarily the seat of lower creativity, i.e. a duplication of the self or the body at the pranic level. Its base element is water. The beej mantra for this chakra is VAM.
Take your awareness to your breath at the tip of the nostrils. Watch the rhythmic pattern of breath at this point and with every subsequent inhalation, make your breath longer and deeper. Maintaining the awareness of Swadhishthan chakra, start with the chant of VAM. Keep the chant deep and slow. Continue with the chant as we graduate into the asans for Swadhishthan.

कांपते जानवरों के लिए पिघला दिल, तो बने डॉग शेल्टर

Winters are harsh, Dhyan Foundation volunteers are making shelters to keep the strays warm. You too can build one in your area, for help, 9871965645. The article was  published in navbharattimes.

Yog is the final frontier and the ultimate subject

There are so many things in our lives. We prioritise various things/aspects as per their relative importance. Whatever you give first preference in life, gives you first preference in return. For example, while with a group of friends, you bump into an old childhood friend and instead of greeting you first, he decides to greet the rest of the group. How would you feel? Will you still give preference to that person? No, he will no longer be your priority; instead, you will wait for the time when you can do the same to him. This holds true for everything, including the subject of yog. There are some students who stay up all night, a day before the exam to prepare for it and there are those who start months before. In fact, at times, they cut down on their television, outings, etc, and immerse themselves in studies... and it shows in their results.   Yog is the ultimate subject, there is nothing beyond it. It is the subject that will eventually not just tell you who you are, b…